Classic Apple Strudel


Here’s a secret: I’m not the biggest fan of pie crusts. Not a fan of making them. Not a fan of eating them. I’d much rather be getting my autumn dose of baked apple pastries from a dish that’s flakier, one that can be held in your hand a bit more easily, one that’s a little bit more like a strudel.

And so, I made you a strudel. Cinnamon-y diced apples, warming walnuts, sweet raisins, all between buttery layers of flaky phyllo in the perfect proportion of fruit to pastry. Today I’m over at talking about this classic fall dessert.

Click over to check out the full post and get the recipe!

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  • Inspiralized

    LOVE! Can’t wait to try this… beautiful photos, I love your blog!

  • Sheri

    just wondering where the egg comes into this??

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