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Big Girls, Small Kitchen participates in the Amazon Affiliate program, a program which provides me with a cut of products you buy on Amazon after clicking there from this site–the cut is paid by third parties, not you. I only link to products, books, and services I like and think that you, my readers, will also appreciate. I also work with Viglink to place some affiliate links in my posts.

Occasionally, Big Girls, Small Kitchen features sponsored posts in collaboration with brands that are a natural fit with the aesthetic and culture of this site. I always disclose a sponsorship in the post so you know what the deal is, and I promise that sponsored posts aren’t throwaways–I make sure the content is as thorough as always.

Big Girls, Small Kitchen is a blog I work on part-time that helps support me as I build a career in food writing, recipe development, and journalism. All Big Girls, Small Kitchen posts are original work and feature ingredients and products I truly adore.

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