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Desserts for Every Sweet Day of the Year
Plus! 2 Bonus Breakfast Treats
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Learn More About A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen

Not long after I started dating Alex, now my husband, we reached our first romantic impasse. I found out that he didn’t eat dairy. Though Alex has a sweet tooth, he wouldn’t touch a cookie with butter, eat a buttercream-topped cake, or partake in a bowl of my favorite dessert, ice cream.

And so, I started baking with new ingredients. Soon, scents of banana bread, pancakes, and birthday cakes were wafting from my kitchen.

Those sweet explorations led to the creation of coconut crusts, carrot cakes, and eventually this eCookbook, a collection of 13 original and delicious dairy-free recipes (a baker’s dozen!) that are simple, use natural ingredients, and yield wonderful tarts, pies, cookies, and bars every single time. You’ll also find two bonus breakfast treats, invaluable baking tips, dairy-free ingredient guides, and beautiful photos. Scroll through on your left to check out a few excerpts.

You’ll get all this by purchasing one downloadable PDF of A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen, which you can use easily on your desktop or the device of your choosing (detailed instructions below). You can also print out a copy on paper.

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What to Expect

Here’s what you’ll find when you download your PDF of A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen:

  • A baker’s dozen (13) delicious dairy-free sweets recipes, mostly brand new and all meticulously tested by an independent recipe tester
  • Two bonus recipes for delicious dairy-free breakfast treats
  • A beautifully designed PDF, optimized for tablets (but great on computers and smart phones, too), which you’ll receive a link to download after purchasing through PayPal. All recipes are laid out on one page so you never have to scroll with batter-covered hands
  • Original photography that will make your mouth water
  • Informative resources sections highlighting need-to-know baking techniques and key dairy-free ingredients to ensure your sweets come out perfectly every time
  • Recommendations for my favorite dairy-free ice creams for enjoying sweets à la mode
  • A free signed postcard with every order! Since this is an eCookbook, we wanted to give you something you could hold in your hands/post on your fridge. Your postcard will ship within 1 week of purchasing the eCookbook. If you’re buying a gift or want the postcard delivered to a different location than your billing address, please email book@biggirlssmallkitchen.com with your order number and preferred address.


What is an eCookbook?
A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen is a beautifully designed downloadable PDF. You’ll receive an email once you purchase with a link to download. From there, you have a few options for reading: open the file on your tablet, using the iBooks or Kindle app, or any PDF reader, store the file on your computer, or print out the pages on actual paper.

How do I contact you with questions about the book?
Please email book@biggirlssmallkitchen.com to let me know what you think of the book, any recipe questions you might have, or any feedback, including requests for formats you’d like to see in the future.

Can I read this on my Kindle, my nook, my iPad, my computer, or my {insert device here}?
A downloadable PDF is a really flexible type of file. Once you’ve purchased the book, you can transfer your PDF to your Kindle (instructions), your iPad (open in iBooks), or your smartphone. The PDF is designed to look beautiful and be ultra functional on an iPad–that’s why we laid it out horizontally, if you’re wondering.

Can I give the eCookbook as a gift?
To give the eCookbook to your favorite dairy-free sweets lover, purchase a copy, then forward the email with the download link (the one with subject line “A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen: an eCookbook from BGSK Purchase”) to the gift recipient with your note/explanation at the top. In addition, reply to book@biggirlssmallkitchen.com with the recipient’s mailing address so that he/she can receive a postcard (or ask him/her to). Hopefully we’ll have a more elegant solution soon, but I hope this works for the moment.

How does the buying process work?
Once you click to buy, you’ll be redirected to a PayPal payment page. You can pay with any credit or debit card, or with a PayPal account. Once you confirm payment, check your email for two notes from Big Girls, Small Kitchen: one is a receipt and the other contains the download link. Click to download your copy of A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen. It’s easiest if you click the link on the device you plan to use the eCookbook on, but you can also transfer the file to your favorite device later on.

What equipment do I need to bake this stuff?
You’ll want a solid selection of baking equipment, from cake pans to parchment paper. You can see the full collection, and order anything you’re missing, at the dairy-free Amazon store I put up.

What’s with all the safflower oil in your recipes?
I find that safflower oil delivers a perfectly neutral flavor to sweets without leaving a flat aftertaste or an oily feeling in your mouth. In any recipe where I want the bananas, chocolate, almonds–or whatever–to shine through, safflower is my go-to. You can substitute in olive oil when the fruitiness will accentuate what you’re making (as in the Glazed Lemon-Olive Oil Cake), but you’ll definitely taste it, so don’t expect neutrality! If you can’t find safflower, try vegetable oil or canola oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but can be substituted if you heat it til melting; keep in mind, it’s very coconut-y, so use sparingly. For a few recipes, I opt for shortening. But most of the time, I’m pouring safflower.

Can I share the book and recipes with everyone I know?
One purchase entitles you to one copy of the eCookbook. Sending the copy to friends or foes is a violation of copyright, and I so hope you don’t do this! I worked hard on the recipes, format, photos, and proofing–so I’d be thrilled if you refer friends to purchase their own copies. If you have a lot of friends, email me me to ask about an affiliate program so you can earn money when you refer them.

Where can I read more from Big Girls, Small Kitchen?
In my first book, In the Small Kitchen. Don’t miss the dairy-free recipe section of the site, either.