How To: Make Pie Crust

We’re entering pie territory here. It’s fall heading into winter, and we can’t be alone in having our thoughts turn to pumpkin, pecan, or pumpkin-pecan pie.

But for some (or so we’ve heard), making pie crust is one of the most daunting of kitchen tasks. The butter at the right temperature! Some liquid–but not too much! Rolling out the dough!

Rather than run for the hills, watch our funny, totally informative video. We give you two ways to make pie crust–the easy way, and the super easy way–so that apple pie, chocolate pecan tart, and this amazingly easy rich lemon tart are all at your fingertips by Thursday, aka the Day of Pie.

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  • Frankie

    This video will change my life. I love pie but could never make the shell myself and I don’t like storebought crust. Now I have a choice of two methods and I can see how easy it’s gonna be. Thank you, big girls!

  • Vanessa @ Project Zen

    My own mother and sweet, elder ladies just sock away the Pillsbury premade pie crust. But a homemade pie crust is my challenge this year. Perfect timing. Thanks!

  • Jen Cantin

    I love the egg shell measuring, great strategy for less to wash. I agree that crust-making seems daunting but in reality is not! I suffer from the fear Phoebe describes but may just get my act together after watching the vid!

  • Meg

    Fab video post. Anything involving a rolling pin always intimidates me. Thanks ladies!

  • Lynn

    What is the model of the Cuisinart Food Processor that you use in the video? 

  • Marel

    Why use an egg yolk? What is the reasoning behind the egg yolk?

    • BGSK

      It adds some extra fat & liquid, which help make the crust pliable, aka easy to work with!

  • Plastic cards

    Good Video! love anything that involves a rolling pin and of course plastic cards.

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