Prep School: How to Remove Corn Kernels From the Cob (Without Making a Mess!)


Today, the next installment in your summer “prep” school lessons: how to remove corn kernels from the cob, without making a big old mess.

Anyone who’s ever tried to do this simple task on a cutting board knows how those kernels can go flying. I eat a lot of summer corn and tend to find the kernels in every corner of my apartment after performing what should be a simple procedure–cutting kernels from the cob. So I perfected my technique, and found an easier, cleaner, better way to shave them cobs.

As the fresh corn abounds, try using up your kernels in one of our favorite recipes from In the Small Kitchen–our Corn and Barley Salad with Chive Vinaigrette!

Stay tuned for more prep school, and don’t forget to check out some of our other videos here.

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  • Whate88

    why does your kitchen look like mine? do u live in the upper west side of nyc?

  • Laurie

    My grandmother always used a bundt pan… she put a damp tea towel on the counter to keep the pan from sliding, and she set the stem end of the cob into the hole in the center of the pan.  The hole keeps the cob steady, and the pan catches the kernels… this works really well.

    • BGSK

      Brilliant!! Now if only I had a bundt pan!

  • Cheryl Bowen Pegram

    I remembered a better way6 from my childhood,I use either a bundt cake pan or an angelfood pan.Place the cob on the hole and cut,everything fallis right in the pan,and some ears go on into the hole and squeee the juices out :) and really quick to do this..Blessings

  • Ken Kader Sr.

    Thank you. My daughter and I are making corn chowder soup and this was a really helpful tip.

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