Book Prep: Grilled Cheese, Plain and Fancy!


The book comes out tomorrow–May 24th. For a long, long time, May 24th felt like an eon away. Now, it’s tomorrow.

Book making is a long slow process, and we’ve had our moments of total, childlike impatience; from time to time, you could hear one of us mutter beneath our breath, “Are we there yet?” Only, “there” wasn’t some actual destination. It was (is?) tomorrow.

To help us with the wait, we’ve talked about the book a lot. In November 2009, we first posted about our book deal, and the cookies that helped us secure it. We showed you our book trailer on Amazon. On March 24th, we made grapefruit margaritas, hosted a “spring break” bash, and toasted to the next two months. We also bragged about the dinner our editor, Katie, made with us–bringing you our first book preview of the Chorizo-Scallop Paella page spread.

And now, with 24 hours left on the clock before we’re officially published authors, we bring you back to where it all started. We’ve probably mentioned this here or there, but our book–like our blog–is organized by reason to cook. At times, that means dates, parties, and cocktails. And at times that means cozy comfort food sized for just one.

Cooking For One was one of our original blog categories, and it made its way into the book in the form of our moms’ eggs, warming soups, soul-satisfying pastas, and, of course, grilled cheese sandwiches.

Above, watch us make our grilled cheese sandwiches, plain and fancy. Then scroll on to see the beautiful spreads where they appear in the book, beginning with the Cooking For One chapter header (that’s Cara in her small kitchen!).

From our kitchen, where patience pays off, to yours,


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  • Sephira

    It looks absolutely delicious! I’m definitely going to buy your book :)

    xx Seph

  • Meagan

    I preordered my book so it’s on the way…can’t wait to try these great recipes :)

  • Jessie Blum

    Great video! But I can’t decide which sandwich would be tastier!

    Can’t wait till my book arrives tomorrow :)

    • Oscar

      I can tell you from experience that they were both so delicious!

  • Grace @ Balancing Me

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to host a giveaway of your book on my blog. I also can’t wait to get my copy and continue cooking away! Congrats to both of you on this amazing step in your journey.

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