Spanish Dinner Party for Ten

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In southern Spain, tapas rule the dinner game. Most of the classic dishes aren’t necessarily finger food, rather they are small portions of larger dishes, ordered while standing at a bar, or at a crowded table with friends, and meant to mix and match and nibble at your leisure. One of Phoebe’s favorite tapas while traveling in Andalucia was Salmorejo, a creamy rich version of the more ubiquitous gazpatcho. Since it’s a room temperature soup, it’s perfect to make in advance for crowds, and it pairs beautifully with a big cast iron skillet full of paella. Invite over ten or so friends, serve the soup in cups, bowls, mugs, or whatever you have on hand, and then let the crowd dig into the paella family style.

Salmorejo Cordobes (Cream of Gazpacho)

Classic Paella

Chocolate Bark with Cinnamon Coated Nuts and Cherries


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