15 Best Vegetable Sides

We don’t always take the classic approach to things. We’ll serve appetizers as our main course, casual food to fancy guests, and breakfast for dinner. Still we pay our dues and recognize what’s classic–the Blue Plate Special, aka Meat and Two Veg, isn’t called special for nothing. If you are going classic, choose one or two of these vegetable sides and pair them with a piece of steak or breast of chicken. If, on the other hand, you decide to diverge, choose two or more of these, load up your plate, and you’ve got yourself a vegetarian meal.

1. Alta Brussels Sprouts with Apple, Pistachios, and Creme Fraiche

2. Caramelized Corn

3. Squash Chips with Basil and Balsamic Drizzle

4. Garlic-Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

5. Balsamic Roasted Onions

6. Fennel-Cabbage Slaw

7. Root Vegetable Gratin

8. Roasted Asparagus with Lemon

9. Semi Sweet Potato Mash

10. String Beans with Mustard Dressing and Cured Shallots

11. Baked Tomatoes with Breadcrumbs and Thyme

12. Roasted Fennel

13. Pink Greens

14. Parsley Zucchini

15. New Potatoes with Butter and Chives

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