Baking For Good: A Little Sugar Goes A Long Way



We have always been the types to bake up a batch of cookies or brownies, pack them into an empty shoe box or oatmeal canister, and ship them off to friends in the place of actual material gifts. We’ve made these tins of treats for many reasons–for love, for gratitude, to assuage guilt, to apologize. But our friend Emily has made a business out of baking and sending tins of treats for charity, and we think this just might be the best reason of all.

In September 2009, Emily started Baking For Good a gifting site for sweet treats that donates 15% of every purchase to a cause of the customer’s choosing. Today, the site has over a hundred nonprofit and community organizations to donate to when you order, and their list of cookies is growing as well.

So we’re really excited to be collaborating with Baking For Good in support of The Valerie Fund, an organization in the tri-state area that provides comprehensive health care for children with cancer and blood disorders. Beginning today–and going on through Mother’s Day–BGSK Peanut M&M Blondies are available on the site as part of a blog-wide Virtual Bake Sale. Phoebe recently got involved with The Valerie Fund, and she’s been really impressed and touched by the organization’s mission, and its commitment to social services that treat both patients and parents during the duration of their child’s illness. For the sale, Emily has generously offered to donate an extra 5% of each BGSK Blondie purchase to The Valerie Fund.

I know it’s not often we can convince a bunch of savvy bakers like many of our readers to put down the spatula and, instead, purchase a bag of blondies. But we’ve been lucky enough to be joined by some awesome bloggers who are helping us spread the word about the Mother’s Day Virtual Bake Sale for Pediatric Cancer. (Over the next few weeks, checkout the sidebar on the blog for our list of supporters.)

We would be honored if you would deign to purchase the BGSK Blondie this Mother’s Day! It’s all in support of a great cause. As goes Emily’s motto, a little sugar really does go a long way.

From our kitchen, where buying cookies can help save lives, to yours,


p.s. The Valerie Fund has recently launched a Young Associates Program. If you are interested in some offline volunteer opportunities in the greater NY/NJ areas, or would like to get more involved, sign up through the website, or feel free to contact me with any questions about the organization.

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  • Anonymous

    Holy yumminess, that looks ridiculously good! Ri.dic. I was doing a darn good job of not giving into my sweeth tooth…until now. Thanks a lot! (Kiddding. Um, kinda 😉

  • Maddie

    What a great cause! Thanks for publicizing this effort. As it just so happens, my mom adores sweets; now, if you ever decided to make turtle brownies for Baking for Good, our family could probably singlehandedly support the Valerie Fund!

    Keep up the good work. :)

  • KathyCooks

    This is a lovely post. I’m ordering them for mother’s day–what a great idea.

  • jaime

    A brilliant idea :) and those blondies look divine. Love the blog!

  • zygor guides

    i think it is good site!

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