Blogging for Others: Cooking Questions on Urtak!


It goes without saying that your beloved Quarter-Life Cooks, Cara and Phoebe, are the authors of this blog.

But it bears admitting that we’re dying for input from you, our readers, on topics such as:

Do you have a raging sweet tooth?

Have you ever hosted a dinner party?


Do you like to look at photographs of food?


Clicking through Big Girls Small Kitchen’s dedicated Q&A site is a fun and easy way to find out what those around you are cooking, eating, and thinking about eating. And as we’re two among many of quite a sprawling demographic, we’re really and truly eager for some good old-fashioned feedback. So…

Click here for the BIG GIRLS SMALL KITCHEN Urtak.

Think of Urtak as an amusing yet intellectual waste of time. Amazingly, it’s also a tool for gauging community opinions and interests—which will help us QLCs know exactly what we’re up against. Even better, if you sign up over at, you can pose your own questions to the community of our readers. (Here are directions on using it.)

With this added feature, we hope to bolster the spirit of participation in our blog. As your authors, we’re the ones fiddling around in the kitchen and the ones documenting what we’ve made in order to share it with others. Already we’ve had some help with the cooking: Keith and Libbie contending at the cook-offs, Alexis baking and basting at the Christmas party. Before long, we’re hoping to involve more people—friends who are expert chefs, aspiring sommeliers, and dedicated eaters.

In the meantime, keep on clicking through to discover if anyone manages to spend less than $50 a week on food, whether we harbor celebrity chef crushes, and what proportion of our readers doesn’t own a single cookbook.

In turn, we’ll digest all this info and create new recipes and posts that best cater to you!

From our kitchen, where we’re wondering what your kitchen is like, to yours,


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    Inspired, beautifully crafted, mouth watering presentation of Big Girls, Small Kitchen Urtak – smart, addictive recipe for delicious engagements and food for thought!

    Love it!

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