Strawberry Milkshakes

Strawberry Milkshake

When was the last time you made yourself a milkshake?

If the answer is, “when I was a kid,” I think it’s time you got out your blender.

The only ingredients you need are ice cream and whole milk. The only tip you need to know is not to overblend: the goal is to combine ice cream (about 3 scoops) and milk (just 1/4 cup or so) without liquefying them. Blenders can get really hot, so you’ll want to pulse in short bursts, just until you’ve got a thick but smooth texture.

1_Ice Cream 2_Milk

Of course, that’s just the basic milkshake. You can go crazy with flavors–whether from ice cream, syrups, or mix-ins like oreos–and with garnishes.

Ordinarily, I’m a chocolate or coffee or black-and-white milkshake person, but for this experiment, I branched way out of my comfort zone with strawberry. Whizzing a handful of ripe berries with a teaspoon of sugar in the blender before you add the dairy results in a bright pink, fruity shake that I dare you to resist.

Strawberry Milkshake

For the full story–including my interviews with the milkshake masters at Black Tap and OddFellows and the recipe–check out my piece on First We Feast.

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