Prep School: How To Make a Perfect Fried Egg


It’s October, and the time for great weekday fall dinners is upon us. And what better to add a little protein to a butternut squash tartine or spaghetti with spicy red sauce? That’s right, an olive oil fried egg.

In this week’s prep school, as a counterpart to Cara’s slow scrambled eggs, I’m showing you how to whip up the ultimate fried egg, the way my mother has always done it: with lots of olive oil.

I’ve described the process and the deliciousness in the book. But if you’re not sold, tune in and see how it’s really done.

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  • Elena G.

    I’ve found your blog only the day before but I’m totally in love with it and with you!))

  • Elena G.

    I’ve found your blog only the day before but I’m totally in love with it and with you!))

  • Frankie

    Your mom has a serious olive oil problem and needs an intervention.

  • Diane

    I am addicted to eggs also!  I cook the same way.  Only difference is when almost done I take spatula and make two jabs through the yolk and then flip.  Cook another minute.  My favorite easy dinner on top of rye bread with shaved ham.  Yummy!

  • Anonymous

    I make my fried eggs with olive oil as well; it’s really not necessary to use that much oil though especially if you have a non stick pan.  You still get the taste from the oil.  I like to put mine in a heated pita pocket with some chilli sauce. 

  • Stephanie M

    Love the idea of spooning the hot oil over the top of the egg to help it cook and stay sunny side up. I tend feel the need to flip them over in order for the whites to be cooked through.

    I am quite surprised to see you use a metal spoon and spatula on a non-stick pan. Easy way to scratch up that non-stick coating. 

  • Sabine R

    Sounds delicious! One tip to avoid the water spatter – my Indonesian aunt taught me the oil is hot enough (perfect temperature for loads of Indonesian frying) when you put a wooden spatula in it and small bubbles form around the spoon. 

  • Tyroneflowers

    Water + hot oil = grease fire. Try adding a pinch of bread crumbs. Horrible and dangerous advice.

  • Pauline

    I’m addicted to fried eggs but I use a ton less olive oil. After years and years of making eggs, I’ve learned to use just enough to coat the bottom of the pan (so you get the crispy egg bottom), then cover the eggs with a small pot lid or bowl to steam the white on top. My mom taught me the same trick with spooning the oil pn to the egg but it’s way to much oil for my taste =)

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