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Rainbow Chip Sheet Cake

Rainbow Chip Icing | Big Girls Small Kitchen

The rain is coming down this Monday morning. This recipe for Rainbow Chip Sheet Cake was already on the docket, but now that I’ve looked out the window, I hope the bright cake will bode as well for the weather later (a rainbow, followed by sunshine?!?!) as it will for all the future birthdays at which sugar coma-inducing slices will delight partygoers and party-givers alike.

This cake is part of neither my sweets-eating nor sweets-baking history, but I’d venture a guess that some of you grew up with rainbow chip cake and icing (that or Funfetti). Rainbow chip cake mix prevails, but the frosting got axed last year, to great sadness among the rainbow chip-loving set, which includes my friend Kenny–at whose 2013 party I first witnessed true love for rainbow chips, but whose 2014 Prospect Park birthday picnic was threatening to be disastrous, thanks to the discontinuation of the sprinkle-spangled icing from a can.

Anika (Kenny’s girlfriend) to the rescue. She found a source of rainbow chips, and I volunteered to make the cake. I used my trusty yellow cake recipe, which is flavored with lemon zest, and baked the batter in a sheet pan. (I find sheet cakes particularly accessible, and they save time. Plus, when you cut squares, you end up with cupcake-like proportions of icing to cake, which I love.)

I stirred together a classic cream cheese icing, adding extra sweetener to mock the stuff that comes in a can, then poured in the rainbow chips. I piled the icing on top, then set the whole cake on my slate board and carried it (biceps burning) to the park. When we’d eaten all of Anika’s grilled green chili turkey burgers and tasty guacamole, we finally brought out the cake. As the birthday guys blew out the candles, I was suddenly kind of worried. Would the cake meet Kenny’s expectations?

Fortunately, all the guests ate plenty of cake. Kenny led the way in doling out extra icing from a container I’d brought when the whole bowl I’d mixed up didn’t fit on top of the cake. This was success. Sweet success.