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Around the Web: Apartment-Friendly Wedding Registries and Sweet Paul — Here’s what’s going on in my little corner of the foodie and quarter-life web this week:

How to plan out an apartment-friendly wedding registry, which includes dreamily mapping out your future kitchen.

A blog that goes deep into one ingredient, cooking 5 recipes in 5 days, from cauliflower to carrots.

Lots of great answers to the Quora question “What is the Best Way to Support the Body to Its Optimal Potential?” My favorite: real food, move around, sleep enough.

Wonderful Brooklyn blogger Olga Massov shares her kitchen and cooking know-how on Pantry Confidential.

And my Chocolate Mousse Pie featured on the delightful Sweet Paul Magazine!

Around the Web: Leftover Matzoh, Tupperware, and Raisin Cartels — Here’s what I’ve been reading in food news this week:

This Daily News piece has fun recipes for leftover matzo – including a few I contributed! (By the way: add your extra charset to chicken salad.)

The history of Tupperware, with some great mid-century visuals.

Apparently the U.S. has a raisin cartel. (via Catherine Rampell)

The worker bee’s complete guide to eating in the office.

Around the Web: New York Foods and Show-Stopping DessertsHow to compost in NYC – even in a tiny apartment.

I’m loving the show-stopping suggestions on this TheKitchn post about people’s favorite crowd-pleasing desserts.

A recipe for homemade soup dumplings, which, by the way, are made with pig skin.

The way New Yorkers used to eat - specifically: “You’d buy a big slice of pizza for 5 cents,” and  ”we did not go to elegant restaurants, ever…you didn’t waste your money.”

And seven satisfying freezer dishes I shared over on Learnvest.

Around the Web: Matbucha, Travel Eats, and Guinness — Here’s what I’m reading in cooking news, tips, tricks, and stories this week:

Eating well and cheaply abroad, even with a special diet - this post may awaken your travel bug.

How orange juice cuts the acidity of whole wheat in baked goods.

I had no idea how many people order off menu at fast food joints!

A beautiful story about learning to make the Syrian dish matbucha, by my friend Paulette.

34 ways to eat Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day

Around the Web: Breadcrumbs, City Eating Guides, and Cosmo — Here’s what the internet cooked up for us quarter-life chefs this week:

A post in praise of crispy breadcrumbs I could have written with just as much enthusiasm if not more. Little crunchy breadcrumbs on top of pasta, polenta, risotto–whatever–are the best!

How Aida Mollenkamp cooks in a tiny kitchen.

Peanut butter cups turned inside out.

And indispensible guides to eating in cities from New York to Rio, Cairo to Atlanta, and New Orleans to LA from a reliably foodie duo.

Off the web: pick up April’s Cosmopolitan for a cameo appearence by me.

Around the Web — Here’s what I’m reading from the ‘net’s cooking universe this week:

This Greatist post about healthful, on-the-go breakfasts including my chocolate-chip oatmeal breakfast bars;

chocolate chip cookies to travel for (I’ll sure go to the Upper West Side for Levain);

why the world’s best chefs are like tyrants, according to Vanity Fair;

Good Food Jobs, the awesome gastro-search tool, is hiring for a part-time communications position!

and (watching, not reading) these videos about inspired subcultures…of craft butchers,  specialty coffee, and food trucks.

Around the Web and Giveaway Winner! — Before I announce the winner of the Nespresso Lattissima+, allow me to draw your attention to some fun BGSK stuff around the web. First, all this week I’m the featured blogger over at Edamam, a recipe-discovery engine. Check out the BGSK Edmam picks here, and stay tuned all week.

If you’re already eager to detox, pick up the January edition of O magazine to see In the Small Kitchen: featured in its pages as an awesome cookbook for twenty-somethings who want to eat at home more often.

I also put together this piece about festive but inexpensive finger food for Learnvest – with recipes for Lemon-Herb Popcorn, Butternut Squash Latkes, and more. Other finger food I’m drooling over include candied almonds from Budget Bytes; pancetta, blue cheese, pesto, and arugula crostini from How To Simplify; and bite-sized baked brie from Joy the Baker.

And…as for that giveaway! The randomly chosen lucky reader taking home the Nespresso Lattissima+ is…Bethany. Here’s what Bethany had to say:

Favorite special breakfast: Belgian waffles and caramelized bananas!

Thank you all for entering and sharing fantastic inspiration for holiday breakfast, perhaps the best meal of the year. I can’t wait to cook up some of your ideas!