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Around the Web: Spice Cabinets and Homemade Milks

Here’s what I’m reading on the foodie internet this week. I haven’t done one of these in a while – hope you enjoy!

A solid set of pantry spices will transform your cooking from meh to delicious. Here’s how to build an essential spice cabinet, even on a budget.

It’s soup season! A dozen of my favorite soups to sip.

Since I got my Vitamix blender, I’ve been obsessed with making homemade non-dairy milks. They’re so easy and delicious. Here’s the recipe I follow for my favorite–cashew milk. And here’s how to make my second favorite, coconut milk.

The bok choy at Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles in Chinatown is outstanding, and this video‘s got the secret to recreating the garlicky greens at home.

File under irresistible: Gaby’s Chicken Parm Panini.

Around the Web: July 4th and Best American Recipes

Here’s what’s keeping me occupied on my way out to the beach for fireworks, barbecuing, and all-around relaxation. Have a great 4th!

I put a twist on 8 all-American favorites for LearnVest, from burgers to potato salad.

Not far afield, First We Feast published my curated collection of the Best Classic American Recipes on the Entire Internet, presented so that you never have to suffer subpar meatloaf or cakey brownies from a badly Googled recipe again.

In the competition to make the best red, white, and blue dessert, TheKitchn’s July 4th trifle gets my vote.

Indoor s’mores, which take the form of chocolate bark.

How to tell if your avocado is ripe without cutting into it, long before a hard avocado thwarts your guacamole making.

And, this visually poetic formula for what to do with spring and summer vegetables lingering in your fridge. (I made a clean-out-the-fridge version last night.)

Around the Web: Easy Recipes on Cosmo and Why Your Dinner Doesn’t Taste As Good As It Looks

Here’s what’s keeping me occupied these days in between stuff I’m, you know, supposed to be doing.

My grilled cheese obsession got literal about the time when Martha threw a round of Brie on the barbecue.

I contribute a couple clever (or so I’d like to think) cooking tips to this collection of kitchen know-how in Women’s Health.

Pretty sure that this pantry-friendly tuna-avocado bowl is going to be my next dinner-for-one addiction.

As a food blogger who sometimes has to photograph brisket in the morning, I found this meditation on blogging, photography, authenticity, and good food to be really thought provoking.

And I had a blast helping Cosmopolitan think up delicious meals and snacks to make with only the random stuff you have sitting in your fridge.

Around the Web: The Essential Italian Recipes and a Lobster Claw Bloody Mary

Here’s what’s going on in my corner of the web today–I’ve been focusing on eating tons of veggies and whole grains this week, and it seems to be evident in my choice of links.

The personal is political when we’re making a choice between climate change and cheeseburgers.

The Lobster Claw Bloody Mary from Lobster Joint, which Gothamist says is one of the best Bloody Marys in the city, will be mine tonight.

Winnie of Healthy Green Kitchen wrote a thoughtful, thought-provoking open letter to everyone who eats about dieting, diets, and eating what feels right to you.

And, a little more nutrition  from Summer Tomato, about how to build a healthy plate.

So you don’t have to be a slave to search results, I asked a panel of bloggers, culinary historians, and cookbook authors to pick 25 Italian recipes that really work for First We Feast.

Around the Web: Apartment-Friendly Wedding Registries and Sweet Paul

Here’s what’s going on in my little corner of the foodie and quarter-life web this week:

How to plan out an apartment-friendly wedding registry, which includes dreamily mapping out your future kitchen.

A blog that goes deep into one ingredient, cooking 5 recipes in 5 days, from cauliflower to carrots.

Lots of great answers to the Quora question “What is the Best Way to Support the Body to Its Optimal Potential?” My favorite: real food, move around, sleep enough.

Wonderful Brooklyn blogger Olga Massov shares her kitchen and cooking know-how on Pantry Confidential.

And my Chocolate Mousse Pie featured on the delightful Sweet Paul Magazine!

Around the Web: Leftover Matzoh, Tupperware, and Raisin Cartels

Here’s what I’ve been reading in food news this week:

This Daily News piece has fun recipes for leftover matzo – including a few I contributed! (By the way: add your extra charset to chicken salad.)

The history of Tupperware, with some great mid-century visuals.

Apparently the U.S. has a raisin cartel. (via Catherine Rampell)

The worker bee’s complete guide to eating in the office.