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Around the Web: The Essential Italian Recipes and a Lobster Claw Bloody Mary — Here’s what’s going on in my corner of the web today–I’ve been focusing on eating tons of veggies and whole grains this week, and it seems to be evident in my choice of links.

The personal is political when we’re making a choice between climate change and cheeseburgers.

The Lobster Claw Bloody Mary from Lobster Joint, which Gothamist says is one of the best Bloody Marys in the city, will be mine tonight.

Winnie of Healthy Green Kitchen wrote a thoughtful, thought-provoking open letter to everyone who eats about dieting, diets, and eating what feels right to you.

And, a little more nutrition  from Summer Tomato, about how to build a healthy plate.

So you don’t have to be a slave to search results, I asked a panel of bloggers, culinary historians, and cookbook authors to pick 25 Italian recipes that really work for First We Feast.

Around the Web: Apartment-Friendly Wedding Registries and Sweet Paul — Here’s what’s going on in my little corner of the foodie and quarter-life web this week:

How to plan out an apartment-friendly wedding registry, which includes dreamily mapping out your future kitchen.

A blog that goes deep into one ingredient, cooking 5 recipes in 5 days, from cauliflower to carrots.

Lots of great answers to the Quora question “What is the Best Way to Support the Body to Its Optimal Potential?” My favorite: real food, move around, sleep enough.

Wonderful Brooklyn blogger Olga Massov shares her kitchen and cooking know-how on Pantry Confidential.

And my Chocolate Mousse Pie featured on the delightful Sweet Paul Magazine!

Around the Web: Leftover Matzoh, Tupperware, and Raisin Cartels — Here’s what I’ve been reading in food news this week:

This Daily News piece has fun recipes for leftover matzo – including a few I contributed! (By the way: add your extra charset to chicken salad.)

The history of Tupperware, with some great mid-century visuals.

Apparently the U.S. has a raisin cartel. (via Catherine Rampell)

The worker bee’s complete guide to eating in the office.

Around the Web: New York Foods and Show-Stopping DessertsHow to compost in NYC – even in a tiny apartment.

I’m loving the show-stopping suggestions on this TheKitchn post about people’s favorite crowd-pleasing desserts.

A recipe for homemade soup dumplings, which, by the way, are made with pig skin.

The way New Yorkers used to eat - specifically: “You’d buy a big slice of pizza for 5 cents,” and  ”we did not go to elegant restaurants, ever…you didn’t waste your money.”

And seven satisfying freezer dishes I shared over on Learnvest.

Around the Web: Matbucha, Travel Eats, and Guinness — Here’s what I’m reading in cooking news, tips, tricks, and stories this week:

Eating well and cheaply abroad, even with a special diet - this post may awaken your travel bug.

How orange juice cuts the acidity of whole wheat in baked goods.

I had no idea how many people order off menu at fast food joints!

A beautiful story about learning to make the Syrian dish matbucha, by my friend Paulette.

34 ways to eat Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day

Around the Web: Breadcrumbs, City Eating Guides, and Cosmo — Here’s what the internet cooked up for us quarter-life chefs this week:

A post in praise of crispy breadcrumbs I could have written with just as much enthusiasm if not more. Little crunchy breadcrumbs on top of pasta, polenta, risotto–whatever–are the best!

How Aida Mollenkamp cooks in a tiny kitchen.

Peanut butter cups turned inside out.

And indispensible guides to eating in cities from New York to Rio, Cairo to Atlanta, and New Orleans to LA from a reliably foodie duo.

Off the web: pick up April’s Cosmopolitan for a cameo appearence by me.

Around the Web — Here’s what I’m reading from the ‘net’s cooking universe this week:

This Greatist post about healthful, on-the-go breakfasts including my chocolate-chip oatmeal breakfast bars;

chocolate chip cookies to travel for (I’ll sure go to the Upper West Side for Levain);

why the world’s best chefs are like tyrants, according to Vanity Fair;

Good Food Jobs, the awesome gastro-search tool, is hiring for a part-time communications position!

and (watching, not reading) these videos about inspired subcultures…of craft butchers,  specialty coffee, and food trucks.