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Giveaway: CakeSpy’s Virtual Book Tour Comes to SKC — We’re thrilled that our friend CakeSpy (i.e. Jessie Oleson) has brought us this beautiful, sweet-filled cookbook. To celebrate, we’re joining her virtual book tour. Stop by SKC today for a review and giveaway of the new CakeSpy Cookbook to see what treats are in store.

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October 11—Bake It in a Cake!
October 12—Culinary Concoctions by Peabody
October 13—Dessert First
October 14—Cookie Madness
October 15—Bake and Destroy
October 16—Piece of Cake
October 17—Not Martha
October 20—Blondie and Brownie

Shape Magazine: VOTE FOR BGSK as Your Favorite Healthy Eating Blog! — We’re nominated as one of Shape Magazine’s favorite healthy eating blogs! Please VOTE FOR US HERE and help us take home the grand prize (a feature in the magazine!). Thank you all for your support (and don’t tell them how much we love mac n’ cheese!).

LearnVest: 9 Best Quick Dinner Party Dishes! — We’re thrilled to feature our 9 best quick dinner party dishes with the gals of LearnVest! Check them out here and enter for a chance to win a copy of our book!

Bloggers without Borders: Signed Cookbook Auction

We’re glad to be donating a signed copy of In the Small Kitchen to this collection of more than 50 cookbooks and food magazine subscriptions whose sale will benefit Jennifer Perillo (read more about Jennie here). To bid on it, go here. Bloggers without Borders is hosting tons of other auctions for food classes, sweets deliveries, and photography lessons, all for a cause so close to our hearts.

Book Perk: Buy In the Small Kitchen, Get Free Measuring Cups! — Book Perk is offering a special deal on our book, In the Small Kitchen, this week. Buy the book, get a set of colorful measuring cups for free! If you haven’t taken the leap, now is the time! Get the deal here.

Food Republic: Tips and Tricks for Date Night — We shared our tips and tricks with the guys over at Marcus Samuelson’s site, Food Republic. Check them out here, and make sure to tune in for FR’s editor, Richard Martin’s take on how guys and girls differ when it comes to cooking as part of this week’s dude food column!

Real Simple: Coconut Caramel Ice Cream — As part of ice cream month, we designed a special flavor to share with Real Simple’s blog Simply Stated. Check out the delicious recipe for Dairy-Free Coconut Caramel Ice Cream here!