About Cara

Cara grew up in New York in a house where homemade pizza was a regular on the rotation and “cake mix” was a never-uttered phrase. From a very young age, she flipped pancakes and scrambled eggs standing propped up on a chair by the stove. As the years wore on, she and her little sister, Kate, usurped cooking duties from their mom (her older sister, Jill, preferred kitchen cleaning to baking), and she remembers high school as a succession of baked goods, from classic and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to madeleines. In college, Cara landed a catering job, and she can mark her last two years there not only in baked goods but also in finger food.

Cara’s first New York apartment was in a dreary East Village walk-up. She and her two roommates installed a temporary wall, set up shop in the kitchen, and cooked lentil soup for themselves and coconut cakes for friends who came to visit.

In 2008, Cara moved to Brooklyn, first Park Slope. She now lives in Prospect Heights with Alex, her husband. When she’s not cooking, Cara can be found on her road bike, in Prospect Park, immersed in a novel, or traveling, most recently to Peru, Morocco, and Long Island, and Thailand. Her favorite foods are vanilla cake with chocolate icing, grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta with too much grated Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, pad see ew, slow-cooked pork butt, and French fries.

Cara also works as a freelance writer, food stylist, and recipe developer.