The Complete Guide to Making Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Summer is the season of eating outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that city dwellers can’t make great barbecue inside, in our little, backyard-less apartments. In fact, the oven is a seriously great tool for turning whole pork butts into the best possible pulled pork sandwiches.  I’ve got a guide up today on First We Feast that shows you just how to do this. Check it out here.

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  • Rebecca @ Bring Back Delicious

    Pulled pork sandwiches go great as sliders with Hawaiian rolls (buttered and griddled, obvi)! I went one to hot dog and burger place that did everything with Hawaiian rolls. Amazing. To make the sandwich regular sized, keep 4 Hawaiian rolls connected and cut through all 4 to make a top and bottom.

    PS For some reason, I had issues with Chrome not showing the comments section, but Safari does.

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