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Strawberry Mousse | Big Girls Small Kitchen

Natalie of Good Girl Style is back today to share the first dessert of spring. That’s right: spring. Please, don’t look outside while you click through this post, and you might be able to delude yourself into believing that strawberries are growing right here, right now.

Natalie joins us each month to share incredible desserts with Big Girls, Small Kitchen readers–desserts that are entirely gluten-free, but not like obviously gluten-free. That means no specialty flours or hard-to-find ingredients, just good old-fashioned butter, sugar, chocolate, cream, and lovable pink strawberries. Don’t miss her most recent posts, about Stovetop Rice Pudding and Classic Chocolate Truffles.

Ahh, fresh strawberry mousse. The pillowy, light pink treat comes together in a snap and tastes of summer sunshine and lazy afternoons. Whip up this dessert when you need reassurance that the snow will melt and we will be wearing shorts, eventually.

In Florida it’s prime strawberry season (and already shorts season, too!), so try to find Plant City, Florida strawberries for great flavor. You can also use frozen berries. If you don’t have time to thaw your frozen strawberries, just run the bag under warm water for a few seconds until the berries soften. With every airy spoonful of this treat, you’ll be transported to a place where the grass is green, the skies are blue, and the strawberries are always perfectly ripe.


Strawberry Mousse
Serves 4-6

1 pound strawberries, fresh or frozen (thawed if frozen and drained if necessary)
2 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 tablespoons Grand Marnier or orange juice
1 1/2 cups heavy or whipping cream
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
For garnish: Extra strawberries and lemon zest

Slice the strawberries and place in a bowl with the granulated sugar and the Grand Marnier, if using, or the orange juice. Mix well and let sit for 15-30 minutes until juices have formed.

Meanwhile, whip the heavy cream and the powdered sugar to soft peaks.

Puree the strawberries until smooth. Slowly and gently fold the strawberry puree into the whipped cream until thoroughly combined. Refrigerate for 1 to 3 hours or more, to allow the mousse to set and the flavors to mix. Garnish with strawberries and lemon zest if desired.

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar

    You know, I’ve never had strawberry mousse! It’s always chocolate and I love it so much!

    • Natalie

      Splitting a dish with half chocolate/half strawberry? DIVINE :)

      • BGSK

        Um, that sounds amazing. Natalie–next assignment? :)

  • Ninfa Arana

    I can hardly wait to try this recipe! Greetings from Florida, by the way :)

  • corina

    good but very liquidy

  • corina

    tasty and great flovor and fluffiness do you know why mine turned out so liquidy

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