Introducing A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen: an eCookbook

A Baker's Dairy-Free Dozen: an eCookbook from Big Girls Small Kitchen

Are you ready to hold in your virtual hands a brand shiny new eCookbook, one that delivers both instant gratification and dairy-free sweets? Have you ever visited this old, dreary dairy-free desserts page as Passover approached or thought disastrously about substituting olive oil in for butter in brownies when hosting your newly dairy-free friend?

Then A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen: Desserts for Every Sweet Day of the Year is for you!


In its pages, you’ll find inspiration for simple, natural, and tasty dairy-free sweets that work every time. Beyond its pages, you’ll receive a free signed postcard for every eCookbook you buy, so you’ll have something to hold in your real hands (besides dozens of Crackly Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies) after all.

I’m so happy to share a couple of the layouts from the book below. There’s much more goodness inside, and I really hope you like it!

If you squint at the Table of Contents, you’ll make out recipes like Chocolate Mousse and Summer Pudding, Iced Carrot Cake and Glazed Orange Marmalade Muffins, plus essential resources about baking and dairy-free ingredients. (The actual book is high-res and zoomable and perfectly suited to swiping through on your iPad.) You can find out more about the recipes and the eCookbook format by visiting the new A Baker’s Dairy-Free Dozen page.

There’s an early-bird 15 percent discount from now ’til the stroke of midnight on Saturday. If you’re craving delicious, dairy-free sweets, you should give in right now by clicking here. If you like butter but your friends, cousins, or colleagues are lactose-intolerant or kosher, I’d love if you pass on the eCookbook news to them.

Thanks for your support, and happy baking!

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  • Anne Jensen Holmes

    Can’t get the “buy now” button to work.

    • BGSK

      Anne–I’m so sorry to hear this! Did you wait a minute? It is a bit slow to load, as it’s redirecting to PayPal. You could try it on another browser or even your phone. Let me know if you still have trouble and I’ll figure out another way to get it in your hands.

      • Anne Jensen Holmes

        Got it by changing the browser. Thanks for the help & love your blog.

        • BGSK

          Oh good! Hope you love it!

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