Make It! Wine-Enriched Broth


I’m a huge fan of homemade chicken and vegetable broths and hope that you guys make stock yourselves, at least sometimes. But this tip applies equally to homemade broths and supermarket stocks–it’s a way to spruce up something plain so that it stands out at dinner, perhaps in dishes like Miso-Soba Chicken Bowls or Really Good Vegetable Soup. One easy way I’ve found to turn that broth–homemade or, yes, store-bought–into something special to slurp is to pour in some wine.

As the broth simmers, the (preferably dry) white wine begins to boil off, leaving behind a toothsome, umami-rich remnant. At first, you’ll smell booze strongly, but after 10 minutes or so, you’ll be left with a broth that’s richer than when you started–without having the taste of wine at all.

From there, add whatever you love to bulk out your soup with, or enjoy a steaming bowl of plain broth that’s ultra flavorful thanks to one secret ingredient.

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  • Shelly West

    Wine is such a great addition to stock. I also love throwing in a Parmesan rind that I wouldn’t use otherwise to give a subtle salty bite.

  • Joan

    I use sherry when I am working with beef broth. And isn’t it silly of me, but I never seem to think to add it to chicken broth. Thanks for the nudge.

  • Joyti

    Yup, I usually add dry white wine to broth while I’m making it – but this is a really great tip on sprucing up store-bought broth. Delicious!

  • Meg

    Does the type of wine make a huge difference? What if I were to add whatever wine I have on hand (which is usually a red)? I make my own vegetable stock from veggie scraps so I’m curious how the different wines would affect it.

    • BGSK

      Good question. If I can, I use a dry white wine. I think a red wine would work well for most dishes, but it would of course affect the color. But if you didn’t mind turning your broth pink, I’d love to hear how it goes!

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