Lacinato Kale Spanokopita


After baklava, I think spanokopita–spinach pie–is the most crave-worthy of the Greek phyllo-wrapped specialties. The handheld savory pastries contain well-seasoned bits of chopped spinach, and they’ve always struck me as one of the most perfect light lunches or afternoon snacks in the world.

In my slightly updated recipe, you’ll find, inside layers and layers of olive oil-brushed phyllo, these delicious things: blanched kale, umami-rich parmesan, and a touch of lemon zest. It’s the perfect proportion of indulgent to healthful. Today I’m over at talking about this classic.

Click over to check out the full post and get the recipe.

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  • sp1315


  • Stamatia

    Sounds yummy! Although I’d call it a kale pita, or lahanidopita or something, since pitas are named based on what’s in them – the “spanako-” prefix means it has spinach in it, if it doesn’t have spinach it’s not really spanakopita! :)

    • BGSK

      This is an EXCELLENT point. Thanks for commenting!

      • Stamatia

        Thank *you* for being receptive to the constructive criticism/etymology lesson! :)

  • Ashley

    Spanokopita is one of my absolute favorite Greek dishes!

    • BGSK

      Me too! I really should make it more at home.

      • Stamatia

        If you like spanakopita but find dealing with phyllo a pain in the butt (I hate having to plan ahead enough to defrost something like phyllo), you should check out plasto, a northern Greek pita that uses a cornbread crust. I haven’t made it yet but this girl’s recipes are usually pretty great (I wish she posted more Greek stuff these days, but beggars can’t be choosers!):

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