Announcing…Cooking Coaches from BGSK!

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I’ve got big news. I want to tell you about a service I’ve been working on for months.

Today, I’m bringing the Big Girls, Small Kitchen cooking style to you, off the page and into real life.

Introducing: Cooking Coaches.

Rather than sighing over complicated recipes alone, then burning your garlic, knocking over your frying pan, and making a huge, tantrum-inducing mess, you can learn to cook with a smart, cool BGSK coach by your side. That means you’ll get guidance and and a built-in cheerleader as you go about making yourself at home in the kitchen. With your coach around, you’ll soon be chopping, stirring, and sautéing with confidence and joy.

I made this video so you could get the drift of how a coaching session goes down:

(Video by my brilliant videographer friends Anika Anand and Ken Christensen, with thanks to Coach Chelsea Dillon and Student Shay)

Want to know more? I designed the coaching sessions to get you comfortable in your kitchen, making food that suits your tastes and your lifestyle. Here’s how the whole thing goes:

  • You choose one of six classic coaching menus ($175-240), and fill us in about your preferences, dietary restrictions, and kitchen set up.
  • We order food and dispatch an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, BGSK-sanctioned home cook to your place at an agreed-upon time.
  • You and your coach jump off into the wonderful world of cooking intuitively, with your coach fielding questions and sharing awesome tips as you prepare the selected meal together.
  • Coach leaves your (cleaned-up) kitchen, and you can’t wait to cook again.

To learn more, click over to the Cooking Coaching page where you’ll find all the menus, the FAQ, and the chance to buy a session right now!

Best of all, the first 15 people to sign up for a cooking coaching session will receive an extraordinary BGSK tote bag filled to the brim with the gear below (worth more than $200). Like your coaching session, the kitchen towels, skillet, olive oil, spatula, and more are all meant to help you in the quest to make your kitchen the place you want to be.

From top to bottom, that’s a Le Creuset cast-iron skillet (there’s only five of those), Le Creuset kitchen towels, the best silicon spatula in existence from GIR,  an Edgeware knife sharpener, copious samples of Olive Ranch olive oil,  a Dreamfarm scooping tool known as a supoon, a set of four Le Creuset prep bowls, green and blue striped Le Creuset dish cloths, and a Dreamfarm gripet to keep your new BGSK recipe cards on the fridge.

Quite a haul! I can’t wait to send these your way. Sign up now to claim your tote. Or gift a friend, offspring, or beloved recent graduate a cooking coaching session.

A few notes: So far, cooking coaches are available in the greater New York metro area. Subscribe over at the Cooking Coaching page to find out when we’ll be in your area. Also, in case you were wondering, I’m not a coach myself. I’ve gathered together an incredible roster of coaches–brilliant home cooks, trained by their moms, spouses, or culinary school professors. When you sign up, you’ll receive your coach’s profile by email.

Questions? Email

Thanks for reading and for all your support as this site has grown. I can’t wait for you to try a coaching session!


  • Joan

    Your Polenta recipe looks so colorful….. I just made Polenta in a pie shape and served it as a type of dessert with my homemade Papaya Jam:) Maybe you could suggest some other colorful fruits that might go with? Thank you and I really like your website.

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