In This Small Kitchen: Cooking For One


For a long time, I cooked elaborate dinners even when I was the only one eating. Or, not elaborate exactly, but complete. These days, I’ve vastly simplified. I’ll fix Creamy Mint, Thyme, and Lemon Linguine or some kind of grilled cheese. In other words, carbs with cheese.  The rest of my routine includes sitting on the carpet by the coffee table and reading cookbooks or watching Nashville.

Whole volumes have been written about cooking and eating alone, the ins and outs of treating yourself to good food and meditative time alone by the stove. I particularly love the essays in Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, if you haven’t read them. The takeaway is that there’s a divide between people who cook when they’re the only ones eating and those who opt for cereal or peanut butter on toast when there are no other mouths to feed. Somewhere in the middle, perhaps, lie those like me who cook, but simply.

What about you–when left to your own devices, what do you make for dinner?

P.S. My classic, never-fail dinner for one.

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  • William Stoneman

    To this day…I make a complete meal when dining alone. I don’t think it is unusual at all….for me!

  • jennifer schmittlin

    I usually cook when I’m the only one eating. Simply because takeaways or ready-meals are not really to my taste, and I find eating cereals for dinner so depressing. Cooking a proper (even if simple) dinner makes me feel less lonely.

  • Fleur Elan

    I live alone, therefore most of my meals are eaten alone, and I almost always make home-prepared food. Everyday isn’t a complete meal, but at least 2 to 3 a week are. Tonight I’ll have a complete meal, last night I did not. Last night I made roasted corn salad, cheddar jalapeño corn muffins, pico de gallo, and rolled black bean and avocado enchiladas (I pooped out and will make the enchilada sauce tonight). Tonight, I’ll have a complete meal, but last night’s meal was roasted corn salad, the left over black bean and avocado filling, a corn muffin, and a few chips and pico de gallo. Everything but the chips was homemade and delicious. When I finish the enchiladas tonight, I’ll freeze the rest for later. Always having leftovers in the freezer is the way to go for the single person. Home cooked goodness plus variety!

  • GoodRay

    Just tuning in to say this is a great day. I saw the wild rabbit this morning, the sun shines, I got some coupons and your book in the know what that means, right?!? I’m gonna buy some ingredients I usually can’t afford, and get cookin!!!

  • JC Carter

    I have a whole collection of recipes that i make when i’m alone, mostly things that my significant other will not appreicate.

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