The Best Way to Pack Homemade Goodies

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Perfection. The perfect cookie, the perfect cookie container. For years, I kept every gift box and product package I thought might one day fit a cake, some cupcakes, a gift of brownies, or holiday cookies. I stowed the boxes in the Closet of Doom. Occasionally, they fell on my head. Rarely was any box a perfect fit for any sweet I was gifting.

I moved onto multi-sized pouches and containers I’d buy at cake supply and gift stores. But those too had to be piled in the Closet of Doom, and sometimes they weren’t the right size either. But I love giving sweets to friends, especially this time of year. How to transport them without hoarding little boxes?

That’s when I bought my first roll of cellophane. Just plain, clear cellophane (though you could use a color if you’d like). Now I cut the size I need straight from the roll and gather it around my loaves, cakes, and cookies, securing the cellophane with a ribbon. The result is a clean-looking, though obviously homemade, way to present your homemade gifts to fans of your brownies, blondies, and raspberry squares.

Make It! is a series where I share super smart tips for prepping, making, and presenting food in the easiest possible way. See tips from previous columns, like how to cut fifteen cherry tomatoes at once and how to flavor your butter and take brunch up a notch.

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  • irisvk

    I’m the worst with my presentation of homemade treats. I like this idea though, simple and effective!

    • BGSK

      Oh no! I swear, this one is really easy :)

  • Crystal Johnson Clark

    That is a great tip; thank you for sharing! :)

    • BGSK

      You’re welcome, Crystal!

  • Cheryl

    Would love to know your contact for the cellophane wrap.

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