Nespresso Pixie + Aerrocino Plus Giveaway!


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Caffeine cravings don’t stop just because it’s summer, and that’s why I’m gracing this busy weekend with a giveaway for an awesome – yet tiny and portable – espresso maker from Nespresso. It’s called the Nespresso Pixie, and you’ll get one in a lovely dark red if you win! The other half of the giveaway is an Aerrocino Plus, which will foam up your milk for cool iced lattes all summer long.

In honor of father’s day and this beautiful weekend, enter to win this wonderful espresso gadget below!

To enter the Nespresso Pixie + Aerrocino Plus Giveaway, you’ve got to:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite food (ingredient or dish) of the moment is;
  • Be a subscriber to our newsletter;
  • Become a fan of the BGSK Facebook Page;
  • (Extra Entry) Tell your facebook fans about the contest – post the link and @Big Girls Small Kitchen;
  • (Extra Entry) Follow @BGSK on twitter and include us when you tweet about the giveaway.

I’ll announce the randomly selected winner next week on the blog. Good luck!

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  • Suzannah Schneider

    These days I’m loving huge kitchen sink salads!

  • Natalie Ramos Pedroza

    My favorite ingredient currently is cilantro. :)

  • Ck Jproductions

    Pretty much anything with apricots. Maybe it’s a summer craving?

  • Olivia Cappello

    I’m really enjoying beets from all the farmer’s markets. Also lots of quinoa.

  • Bimondi128

    Currently loving avocado! 

  • Kim Law

    love this!   my current favorite food is asparagus, mostly grill it or roast it in the oven the other is strawberries, coming into season and I put them in everything. 

  • Kylee H

    I’m loving using anything that comes from my garden: lettuce, snap peas, red onions, radishes…

  • Heather Hicks

    I’m really into salted caramel right now.

  • Daniella

    I really love anything with nutella right now

  • amy beth marantino

    my favorite food is homemade pizza. 

  • amy beth marantino

    Follow @BGSK on twitter and tweeted –

  • amy beth marantino

    i subscribed to the newsletter

  • amy beth marantino

     i am a fan of the BGSK Facebook Page

  • Molly Mulligan

    I’m all about the watermelon.  It goes so well in salads with balsamic and feta!

  • Rachael

    Right now I can’t get enough of fresh strawberries!

  • Madeline

    My favorite food is definitely fresh ripe mangoes :)

  • Kofree9

    I just subscribed to your newsletter!

  • Madeline

    And I liked BGSK on FB too :)

  • Marymackenzie03


  • kelsey

    My current fave ingredient is coconut butter! I put it on everything!

  • Lauren

    My favorite food of the moment is quinoa! I just discovered it recently!

  • Lisa

    Fresh fruit! Strawberries, cherries, watermelon, peaches, blueberries, pineapple…you name it!

  • Joshua Brown

    Lovin’ the spring green salads with anything and everything on them!

  • Zoe mckinnell

    Chocolate chip biscotti and iced coffee! 

  • Callie

    It’s summer time so….gazpacho for sure. I love how it can be made so many different ways!

  • Jackie

    My favorite food is blueberries!  Followed closely by greek yogurt and peanut butter and honey….

  • Caro

    i’m loving watermelon!

  • KFavrow

    Sweet potato cannellini bean burgers topped with avocado and tomato.

  • Jess

    My favorite food has to be grilled corn on the cob!  Going to make some TONIGHT :)

  • Lisa Foster

    Salads, smoothies, and anything that comes out of my garden.

  • Alex z.

    Smoothies for breakfast. with fresh (then frozen) mango, it makes all the difference!

  • Juliana

    I’ve been on a major avocado toast kick ever since it was posted here a few months ago! Topped with a perfectly hard boiled egg…

  • Juliana

    I’ve been on a major avocado toast kick ever since it was posted here a few months ago! Topped with a perfectly hard boiled egg…

  • emmakgy

    thank god for summer. my partner and i are in the process of finding the perfect michelada recipe. micheladas, for those who haven’t yet experienced this glory, are a central american drink made of beer, limes, and some variation of hot sauce–this can be full out bloody mary style mix or just a little bit of peppers with tomatoes.

    as far as food goes, we’re so happy to finally have fresh summer strawberries! a few recipes we’ve made lately include dandelion greens salad with stawberry balsamic dressing and strawberry butter. but it’s hard not to just eat them all right away!

  • Gillian


  • Lauren M.

    I’m in LOVE with avocados! Too bad they have so many calories. I tweeted, subscribed to newsletter, and liked your FB page.

  • Sarah

    I love Tomato Caprese in the summer!

  • Raphaelle

    Thai basil on everything! Dad will be getting homemade Thai food for Father’s Day supper.

  • Nicole

    My favorite food right now is definitely breakfast burritos! They’re a great way to use up whatever veggies I have lying around and are pretty fantastic any time of the day.

  • Laura Grai

    My current faves are avocado and watermelon. Thanks for the chance to win! 

  • Elizabeth Koziel

    I am loving all types of grilled veggies these days!
    Thanks for the opportunity! (Definitely a coffee fan regardless of season. :))

  • Bethany Amilkavich


  • Sarah M

    Currently obsessed with feta cheese and fruit combos. Delicious!

  • Gersh

    Anything my husband grows in our garden, especially fennel and lemongrass.

  • Katie

    I’m going through a major frozen yogurt phase right now.  It’s just so refreshing in the heat we’ve had lately!

  • Rosamaria

    My new favorite sandwich – white cheddar cheese with fig spread on ciabatta bread melted in a panini press…sounds a little strange but once you try it, it becomes addicting.

  • Tracie Vandermeulen

    Anything with ice cream lately

  • Stacie

    Chicken thighs! Marinted, skewered and grilled, a la schwarma or satay.

  • Heather Danskin

    Right now I’m obsessed with roasted zucchini and tomatoes with garlic, onion, olive oil and red pepper flakes, then sprinkled with fresh basil and parmesan.  I serve it over spaghetti drizzled with olive oil and I’m in heaven!

  • Michelle

    As it is Winter in Australia I am currently addicted to roast veges and quinoa.

  • Cassandra

    I can’t get enough basil! On salads, in sauces, even in cocktails! 

  • Elizabeth

    I <3 greek yogurt right now :)

  • Caitlin M

    My favorite food of the moment is homemade yogurt!  I’ve been making it in my slow cooker via this recipe:

    Love the blog and book, and coffee!  Win, win, win.

  • Allie

    Caramel, I just cant get enough lately. 

  • mj

    Favorite food is currently green smoothies with loads of delicious produce.

  • Amfdc

    It’s got to be tahini on everything

  • Sarah

    watermelon in my cocktails!

  • tom s.

    I had duck for the first time last night…it was delicious and I would like to try it again soon.

  • Nicole Crevier

    I love all things Italian all the time, but recently found Tuscan chestnut honey at my local import shop and will find any excuse to use it!

  • Deckled Edges

    Right now, as summer is heating up, I’m loving big, fresh salads.

  • Jutta

    I can’t get enough Swiss Chard. In the pan with garlic…so good!!

  • Rebeca

    I love anything chocolate + peanut butter… yum!

  • Ash_Le_Dow

    Right now my fav ingredient is Swiss chard. Trying to get over my fear of the red stems :)

  • emily williams

    In this heat, there’s nothing I love more than fresh strawberries. I have them with my oatmeal every morning, and even just made strawberry cupcakes for a special occasion! 

  • Cristina

    extra sharp cheddar cheese

  • Kimberly Polacek

    Avocado. I am just love trying it in different things.

  • Emily Cellana

    I unfortunately bought another jar of trader joe’s cookie butter this wknd which is dominating my life.  It has absolutely no nutritional value & is nothing but bad for you… but, it’s  too   good    to    stop    eating.  

  • Nicolette

    I can’t get enough of blueberries nowadays. I add a handful to my morning oatmeal, afternoon salads, and quick breads.

  • Jaime

    Currently I’m drooling over fruit salsas….and throwing them on practically everything!

  • Rebecca Lashinski

    Ooohh – my favorite right now is strawberries :-)

  • Margaret Collerd

    I’m using capers all the time right now: chicken, eggs, tunafish, potato salad. Adds lots of flavor easily to anything!

  • Allisonemme

    Anything from the farmer’s market- including all the greens I got this weekend! (and the strawberries)

  • hannah v

    I just bought date honey in Israel and it is amazing!

  • Sydney60171

    anything with berries

  • MK

    anything with a squeeze of lemon juice!

  • Jodi

    Just made some delicious kale chips, roasted with truffle oil, salt, and pepper.  So tasty.

  • amber oler

    My favorite is brown sugar and peaches. We are eating a whole lot of cobbler right now!

  • Sam H

    I’ve just been obsessed with strawberries as of late–SO DELICIOUS!!

  • Lauren Wemischner

    Loving cherries and so sorry that the season is so short.  Currently testing out recipes for a good cherries and cream ice pop, any suggestions?

  • Ariel Ward

    Zucchini. It forces creativity since there’s always so much of it to use. :)

  • jniz

    I will always love pizza of many varieties!  I also love a good coffee in the morning!

  • The Pilot’s Daughter

    Right now I am currently living in Charleston so I’m becoming a southern food lover! From okra, to shrimp and grits to pimento cheese I love it all.  But since its summer I would have to say my current favorite ingredient is summer squash!

  • Rivka

    Sour cherry hand pies, for sure.

  • ibabiijennyi


  • Catherine

    Mmm, duck. Had a couple of really fantastic duck dishes this weekend.

  • emsi

    these days, i’m all about cucumbers!

  • Sheridan

    Peaches. Total summer craving.

  • YLH

    Now that summer’s here and the fruit is so amazing, I am loving it in salads! Feta, watermelon and arugula is great and peaches work too! I also love fruit crisps – love 101 cookbooks recipe for peach crisp.

  • Katie Skovholt

    BEANS!  The lovely green ones I can throw in a pan for thirty seconds and toss with spicy chicken. Or poach and put on a salad with cold salmon and vinaigrette. Mmm.

  • EV

    I’m loving the zucchinis that are widely populating my backyard. I’ve made three loaves of zucchini bread already and it’s only been two weeks since the season started!

  • Erin Greenawald

    I’m living in CA for the summer and my aunt and uncle have a Meyer Lemon tree in their backyard—I’ve been spritzing it on everything, even eating it straight sometimes! I don’t know what I’ll do when I got back to the East Coast…

  • Loren Guerin


  • Acalderon82

    I’m hooked to pesto right now. In pasta, on chicken, in sandwhiches, on pizza, you name it, I can’t get enough!

  • Laura

    My favourite food right now is fancy gourmet ramen noodle bowls with tons of ingredients!

  • Mercedes

    My favorite dish of the moment is homemade minestrone!

  • Mercedes

    I am a BGSK fan on Facebook

  • Mercedes

    I follow BGSK on Twitter!

  • ashley

    Potstickers & strawberry shortcake! 

  • ashley
  • Allison

    My favorite food right now is anything with fruit – all summer all I want to eat is fresh fruits (and veggies).

  • Francine F.

    These days, I’m loving the local strawberries!

  • Mary Zilhaver

    Favorite breakfast or snack is a protien smoothy with frozen berries and vanilla soy milk. So refreshing!

  • Francine F.

    I’m a subscriber, FB fan, twitter follower & tweeted

  • Marian

    Fresh corn and avocado salsa with a light dash of lime juice and cider vinegar.

  • Cjbsrn

    right now my favorite thing is the fresh produce and fruits  can’t seem to get enough!  waiting for  the wonderful summer tomatoes

  • nicole @ kimchiburgers

    I’m totally in love with chickpeas. Currently making falafel! 

  • Becs

    Green garlic from the local farmers market. Recently, I’ve used it in spicy peanut noodle salad, an avocado and lime dressing for kale-carrot salad, and sauteed veggies. Yum! Who knew garlic breath could be so worthwhile?

  • nicole @ kimchiburgers

    Just tweeted about your giveaway. I already follow you. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! 

  • Laura

    My current favorite ingredient is nectarines. I love summer fruit! :o)

  • Laura

    I follow BGSK on Twitter

  • Laura

    I Liked BGSK on Facebook!

  • Joanne B

    I am a subscriber to your newsletter and a fan of your Facebook Page!  I am currently in love with avocado and salmon–together or separate.  They are both mega-healthy and can both be included in almost any salad, hot or cold, or eaten solo.  Thanks for the chance to win the espresso machine—coffee is a beautiful thing!

  • Dantosh7

    my current favorite is homemade pesto. I put it on everything!

  • Alengvarsky

    I am loving spargel, but the season is almost over so I’ll be looking for a new favorite soon!

  • PJ

    Asparagus is my go-to veggie. Roasted and sprinkled with Parmesan – yum!

  • Jessica Wilson

     I can not get enough coconut at the moment. Shreded coconut, coconut oil, coconut milk, raw coconut, coconut water…. I literally am using it in everything I am baking or cooking!

  • Kristin Gernaat

    MANGO!!!! OMGoodness, I can’t get enough of them. <3

  • Soccerbabe843

    These days I’m loving veggie burgers- so many combinations of beans, grains spices and veggies – both healthy and affordable!!

  • Goffen

    Walnuts. Heart healthy and even better toasted

  • Josh Taylor1

    My favorite ingredient of the moment is cauliflower! Raw in a salad, roasted in chunks, or sliced vertically through the core and grilled, I just can get enough!

  • Carolsue

    Is this expired?  Oh well, my favorite food is tofu.

  • Carolsue

    I subscribe to your newsletter via e-mail.

  • Carolsue

    I like you on Facebook (Carolsue Anderson)

  • Marel H.

    Fresh Summer Berries!! Made 5 dozen jars of easy strawberry freezer jam a couple weeks ago. Pure Ambrosia! 

  • Tpot

    Blue cheese stuffed green olives!

  • Julia Immonen

    I have massive cravings for red pesto! I could eat bucketloads of it! Perfect on a grilled cheese with chorizo but my favorite way to use it (and I eat this A LOT!) is by mixing red pesto with couscous and using that as a base for a salad of whatever’s in the fridge… mmmm…

  • Pamela

    African peanut chicken is on today’s menu, made last night in the crock pot.

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