Sun Tea


Last week, when I posted a recipe for Iced Strawberry Green Tea, I felt like kind of an idiot trying to write instructions for how to make iced tea. Because I’m sure you all know how. But I actually do have a trick I learned from my mom to streamline iced tea making so you don’t have to worry about boiling water or dilution ratios or brewing time. I call it Sun Tea, because the sun does the work, but since sun is actually not required,  you could just call it “cold-brewing.” (You can cold brew coffee, too!) If I had the counter space, I’d get one of these so I could guzzle quantities of sun tea all summer long.

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  • Jen Cantin

    What a great idea, Cara, I will be looking forward to more Make It! I love little snippits like that.

  • Val @ Tips on Healthy Living

    I love this! My mom actually used to make it in the summers. I’ve always thought there was something extra special that the sun added. Maybe it’s just my imagination!