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The last time I shared pictures of my kitchen was back when I lived in my Park Slope studio, the kitchen where this site was started. It was basically a closet – the “Small Kitchen” of the blog’s title.

These days, Alex and I have a one-bedroom in up-and-coming Prospect Heights (a store selling only mayonnaise just opened a few blocks up from us – if that’s not up and coming, I don’t know what is). Besides the location, the kitchen definitely sold me on this apartment. It doesn’t have a lot of counter space, and it doesn’t have a dishwasher. But new Ikea cabinets and appliances, bright sunlight, and a black marble countertop make it a chef’s kitchen all the same.

And our upgraded kitchen has become the receptacle for a lot of new kitchen gear, a little bit of it from friends and family who’ve started giving us wedding and engagement gifts from our registry. (I hated registering, by the way – it felt acquisitive even though I tried to think of it as helping out guests who might want to give us presents. But so far what we’ve gotten has truly come in handy!)

Anyway, I thought I’d share five new kitchen and home favorites that have come to inhabit my kitchen. Here’s the new gear!

OXO Containers –  made of BPA-free material, they’re excellent for stacking in the fridge in a way that makes leftovers look organized and appealing

Emile Henry Ramekins, recently seen with these Coconut Budinos

Cake: A Global History (the same series also published books called Curry, Pizza, and Pancake)

Logitech Wireless Mouse (a gift from Alex: it’s infrared, which means you don’t need a mousepad on most surfaces, comes in cool colors, and keeps my wrist intact when I work all day at my laptop)

 Rancho Gordo Beans (l-to-r: Christmas Limas, Yellow Eyes, Good Mother Stallards), a gift from my future sis-in-law, Lissa Ivy

And, a bonus, the cards we’re using for engagement and wedding thank you notes! (I got them at Lion in the Sun, in Park Slope)

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