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Because I’ve embraced Earth Day in a big way this year–green pizza and a round up of how foodies stay green in the kitchen–I figured I’d round it all out with a giveaway, thanks to our friends over at Full Circle Home.

Anything that makes cleaning a little more pleasant sounds good in my book. (Cleaning’s not my favorite job.) Full Circle uses only sustainable and renewable resources–scrub brushes made with sleek bamboo and sponges from cellulose–so today’s giveaway is an awesome way to pick up on my Earth Day obsession in a clean, green way.


I want to hear about a meal you’ve cooked with local ingredients — who knows, you might just see your suggestion on the blog in the coming weeks.

To enter the Full Circle giveaway and win five awesome green cleaning products (pictured above):

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From my kitchen, albeit small, to yours,


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  • Katie

    I love pesto pasta made with basil from my windowsill boxes.  Doesn’t get any more local than that! 😉

  • Aimee M

    I love making stirfrys with local veggies and chicken that I find at the farmer’s market.

  • Winterer

    one night I made a quail egg quiche with eggs from a local farm that I intern at and I put kale and tomatoes from the farmers’ market in there. it was delicious!

  • Maureen

    I made an eggplant parm and some zucchini bread from an organic garden my sister has at her house.

  • Nicolette

    I love making a dessert with fruits from the farmers market, like a pound cake with fresh strawberries.  

  • Dena Hamlin

    My daughter and I love to go to our local Farmer’s Market and pick up the most gorgeous produce we can find. One fun meal was a hash made with fresh purple potatoes, local onions and this gorgeous head of garlic. It was beautiful and delicious. Sometimes, its the simple things, that taste best.

  • Bullinthekitchen

    Ramp pizza from freshly picked ramps!

  • Bullinthekitchen

    Ramp pizza from freshly picked ramps!

  • Loren Guerin

    Used to work at a CSA and we would do seasonal pizza night. Flour was all made in MT, meat and cheese was from the rancher down the street, and veggies were whatever we harvested that day.Grilled eggplant was always a winner but roasted tomatoes and carmelized onions were a close second. Of course paired with beer from the brewery.

  • Wh

    Carrot pancakes with farm fresh carrots and locally grown and milled whole wheat pastry flour topped with local chèvre and raw honey with two eggs sunny side up and humanely raised sausage links all bought at one farmers market.

  • Jutta

    I made a vegi couscous salad. Marinade vegetables that are in season (zucchini, yellow squash, peppers, cherry tomatoes, sweet or green onion, or whatever) in a mix of balsamic, dijon, garlic and olive oil. Grill then let cool and chop into bite sized pieces. Mix with more marinade, basil and cooked whole wheat couscous. Tastes good at room temperature or fridge cold. Once I managed to eat the whole bowl!

  • Laura C

    The best meal I’ve cooked with local ingredients is a quinoa chili with winter squashes and root vegetables! My work place has a farmer’s market that comes every Wednesday, so I get my veggies from there.

  • Gail Kuroda

    i grilled up some local beef recently

  • Gail Kuroda

    liked you on fb

  • Wendy

    Just a great, fresh veggie stir fry!

  • Kate

    Rhubarb pie with rhubarb grown in the backyard.

  • Sheridan

    One of the best meals I made was a caprese salad with fried green zebra tomatoes and fresh buffalo motz from the farmer’s market and basil from my balcony. Holy delicious!

  • Kay Whorley

    I picked up some local produce and the first night we made T-bone steaks on the grill with local squash and spring onions on the grill.  Very tasty.
    The second night I made pork chop casserole and the local sides were fresh green beans with new potatoes and also local fried okra.    Everyone RAVED about the green beans – they were so fresh we almost had to slap them. 

  • mandi _ h

    Potato and Leek soup – yum!

  • Cristina S.

    I love making yummy sandwiches with our home grown tomatoes.

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