Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Ready-to-Wear Items (and a Giveaway!)

Our first-ever BGSK gift guide highlights eight days of presents we know you want to give and receive. To cut through the cluttered shelves of kitchen-oriented goodies, we’re spending eight days showing you the best of the best of the kitchen goodies to wrap up for or unwrap on Hanukkah and Christmas.

Today is Day #3–all about foodie stuff you can wear.

Now that we’ve been food blogging for three years and change, we’ve come to have almost as many frilly aprons hanging in our closet as we do party dresses. And who are we to complain? You really can never have too many fun, girly items that make you feel both chic and capable in the kitchen.

Since aprons seem to be just as popular a gift for food lovers as food writers like ourselves, we thought we’d share some of our favorite brands with you, as well as other fabulous ready-to-wear kitchen presents that we’ve received over the years.

For a chance to win one of these fashionable items for yourself, read on!

**5 Kitchen Ready-to-Wear Items**

1. Anthropologie Aprons. You might have noticed by now by the pictures in our book and on our about page that we’re a little bit obsessed with Anthropologie’s colorful aprons. We each have several styles, but we’re partial to cute frilly ones like this. There’s such a variety to choose from, you can get each of your foodie friends one that really matches their individual style.

2. EatGourmet Personalized Chef’s Hat. Two and a half years ago when we finally got around to throwing our blog launch party, our friend Mike arrived with gifts in tow. What did he have for us quarter-life cooks? Why, two customized chef’s hats of course! Though we’ve only worn them for silly pictures, our “Cara” and “Phoebz” toques really help us dress the part.

3. IceMilk DIY Apron Gift Packages. These whimsical aprons have cute names like “frosty tin marshmallow” and “bowls of batterchild.” The gift package includes a full apron, custom monogram, unique heirloom kit, 25 blank recipe cards all perfectly packaged within a preserves jar. If you want to go the customized route, IceMilk also offers monogramming options that they’ll apply to any of the full apron styles.

4. Totally Retro Foodie Jewelry. For your hipster bud who loves to cook (or is an elementary school librarian), brightly painted, slightly tacky, food-themed jewelry is a hilarious little gift. Ice cream is a popular motif on Etsy; we like to imagine that these pink cones ($7.99) are topped with mint chocolate chip. If you’re going savory, pick these dangly glass bacon and eggs. Adorably tiny apple stud earrings ($15) are a little less out there, and they don’t make the wearer seem like such an obvious foodie diehard she’d wear macaroni around her neck. This baking-supply necklace ($18) also stands a chance of blending in with other jewelry.

5. ModCloth “If You Can’t Stand the Hoot” Apron and Pot Holder Set . Sure, we don’t wear our oven mitts around our apartment quite as often as we wear our real mittens outside of it. But with delightful designer oven mitts and holders like these adorable ones from Modcloth, we just might! We want to look just as fashionable when we take things out of the oven and bring them to the table, as we do when we’re sitting at it, and it’s important to have a whole outfit that matches.

For a chance to win the “If you Can’t Stant the Hoot” Apron and Pot Holder Set from Modcloth, you must:

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We’ll announce the randomly selected winner next week on the blog. Good luck!

From our kitchen, albeit small, to yours,


  • Sloane

    I’m giving my soup-making-loving-boyfriend an immersion blender. So sweet, huh?!

  • Casey

    I’m handing out peanut-butter cookies to basically everyone, foodie or not!!!!!

  • Katie

    Homemade peach and apple butter!

  • Bernard

    Several people will be receiving a box of mini pecan tarts.

  • Csilla Varadi

    Hazelnut dark and white chocolate bark!

  • Kelsey

    I’m bringing back tea, chocolate, macarons, and tea cups from Paris for my loved ones!

  • aubreylaine

    I am giving my friend a set of colorful mixing bowls.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  • Mimi

    Mincemeat pies and Mini Applesauce Cakes!

  • Holland

    I’m giving my new sister-in-law a cookbook so she can start cooking with all the kitchen gadgets she got as wedding gifts.

  • http://twitter.com/glamatronic Sosha

    Thanks for including my ice cream earrings in your post! : ) 

  • Ellen Firestone

    I am a subscriber!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ellen Firestone

    I shared about the giveaway on FB.

  • vaishali sharda

    chocolate coated red velvet cake balls are my absolute favorite to give to foodie friends!

  • JK

    For most of my friends and co-workers, I made cloth ziplock-like bags and cloth sandwich wrappers so everyone can be green! Its homemade and practical!

  • Michelle Rakestraw

    I love making up cookie jars–pretty jars full of all the dry ingredients for making cookies. I give them to everyone.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kaoruyamamoto Kaoru Yamamoto

    I’m baking lots of cookies and giving candy bags!

  • Bree

    I’m giving my favorite foodies a subscription to Food&Wine magazine! 

  • http://profiles.google.com/kaoruyamamoto Kaoru Yamamoto

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  • http://profiles.google.com/kaoruyamamoto Kaoru Yamamoto

    I’m a fan of your Facebook page

  • motolani

    all my friends and family and those who deserve a little treat get home-made whiskey and baileys truffle chocolates

  • kari d.

    well to my ex-coworkers im making milk and cookies goodie bags and adding a cake pop plus a box of chocolate meringue cupcakes fofr them to eat trough out the day at the office, to my family member a box of my oh so good coconut macaroons and chocolate they just love it!! and to my sister and brother in law each a gift basket filled with sweetsmade by me one coffee themed and the other one hot cocoa themed and each a box of cupcakes on red velvet and the other chocolate ganache and i want to make more stuff i just dont know who to give them to hahah oh well im gonna just keep cooking and baking cause i love it!! ohhh and i already made a box of chocolate cupcakes to my husband co-workers…. Merry Christmas!!

  • Heidi

    Cookbooks, fancy salts, and lots and lots of cookbooks!

  • Amy

    Angelina’s Hot Chocolate Powder from Paris!! 

  • sara b

    The Owls are adorable!  Oh my goodness… I hope I win in time for a new apron for my latke party! 

  • Nina Goldsmith

    Homemade biscotti in oversized coffee mugs!

  • Brenda

    I am sharing my holiday cookie recipes with my family and friends as well as sharing my grandma’s old recipes from back when she was a young wife and mother. I was given one of her recipe boxes after she passed away. I learned all my cooking skills from her. She raised me because I did not have a mother,so she was more my mom than my grandma…….

  • Krista

    I am giving everyone spicy Christmas presents! Homemade gingerbread farm animals, and homemade mustard…

  • http://twitter.com/culinarylibrari Culinary Librarian

    Someone special is getting a mircoplane because I can’t live without mine! And I got my mom one of those kitchen mats that supports your feet/legs from getting sore/tired- I gave it to her early on the day before Thanksgiving so she could use it the following day to make our feast! 

  • http://twitter.com/culinarylibrari Culinary Librarian

    And tweeted! :)

  • Leigh H.

    I’m doing homemade food gift baskets!  Raspberry jam made this summer, pumpkin bread, sea salt caramels, and three types of cookies!

  • Leigh H.

    I also tweeted about the contest!

  • Reddobermom2000

    I’ll be giving them what they’re asking for, my cranberry chutney.  :)

  • anne hill

    i am giving my foodie loved ones homemade chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies!! it’s always a hit!

  • anne hill

    i subscribe 2 newsletter viz email

  • anne hill

    i like you on FB

  • Ginny Trumbull

    A different cookbook specialized for each friend!

  • anne hill
  • anne hill
  • Kris B.

    I’m giving them chocolate bark, and homemade fudge

  • Shannon Mooney

    I’ll be giving out homemade wine and chocolate cookies :)

  • Irene Jaw

    Giving my brother an Anthony Bourdain book and a nudge to be the chef of our Christmas dinner!

  • Rose

    I’m known for my banana bread, and unfortunately on a tighter budget than usual, so I plan on baking mini-loaves and some sort of handmade gift for everyone. (I’m already a subscriber and FB fan.)

  • http://www.flourishingfoodie.com Heather

    salted caramels!

  • Ladytink_534

    I’m giving my best friend whose mixer recently bit the dust a new one.

  • Ladytink_534

    Email Subscriber under Ladytink534(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Ladytink_534

    I LIKE you on FB~ Jen Tink

  • Ladytink_534
  • Ladytink_534
  • http://www.insightfulappetite.com sofia

    i’m getting my boyfriend a special peeler as a stocking stuffer. sounds silly, but he’s been talking about this peeler for AGES. ridic.

  • http://www.notderbypie.com Rivka

    Of course, I’m gifting all manner of anthro items – plates, cups, fun containers, whimsical teal-and-poppy whisks, etc. 

  • http://www.seniorhomecareusa.com Sheila

    Home made orange marmalade:) I really enjoy reading your blog. 

  • Anna

    I am giving my family Christmas Dinner!

  • Anna

    I like you on Facebook!

  • Anna

    I am subscribed to you email news letters!

  • Sflader1

    I am giving my family homemade cookies most likely! I am a subscriber to the newsletter and a fan on facebook

  • Katie

    I am getting my mom spice jars and etching decorations into the glass, and of course I am making some yummy treats to give to friends

  • K_bear_112

    Im giving my friend the dry ingredients to my nutella cookies with the receipt attached to it. I put them cutely in mason jars with the receipt tag hanging from the lid. Its my friends’ most requested item so I thought I would share the love this season. (I’m newsletter subscriber and a fan on FB)

  • Lia Moran

    I can’t say exactly who the gift is for, but I’m giving good bourbon and fancy maraschino cherries to someone on my list. :) Also, my sister-in-law in getting a food processor, but she already knows about it.

  • Anonymous

    These are great ideas to gift to ladies who have everything. Something to wear in the kitchen! Is this for sale?

  • http://twitter.com/BallisticGypsy B e c k y

    I’m going in on getting my little sis her 1st Kitchen Aid mixer! She is 18, graduating HS, and asked for a mixer for her college apartment. I just love her :) 

  • http://twitter.com/BallisticGypsy B e c k y

    I’m going in on a Kitchen Aid mixer for my baby sis who is leaving for college.

  • Gillian Veitch

    Awesome giveaway! For my boyfriend, who used to be a chef, I will likely make him an apron or get him a new carbon steel knife for Christmas…he loves that kinda thing! gillian.veitch AT gmail.com

  • Gillian Veitch

    I tweeted about the giveaway as Craft_zilla 

  • kim b

    Im filling cute mason jars with the dry ingredients for my friends favorite cookies. My nutella almond cookies. I also attach the receipt to the lid. Giving my friends love through something they love for me to make. p.s. I’m a fb fan and i get the newsletters 

  • Claire

    I’m making yummy dark chocolate truffles and giving them out to friends and colleagues!

  • Melodynegus

    I’m giving Christmas cookies of course :)

  • Nicolette

    I am giving my step mom some new spices.  I’m excited to see how she’ll incorporate them into new dishes. 

  • Ashley

    A mozzarella making kit!

  • Jolie

    I’m giving them delicious homemade goodies of course!

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