Gifts That Give Back Giveaway!

Last year, we started our own little BGSK Thanksgiving tradition by giving back to you, and the community, with some tasty treats from Baking For Good. This year, we’re taking our philanthropic sweet tooth to the next level and giving away a whole host of charitable prizes (most of them chocolate-y).

Thanksgiving is also our site’s anniversary, so we also want to thank you, our readers, for sticking with us for the last 3 years (!!). The 2010-2011 year has been a very eventful one for us: since last T-Day, we’ve introduced our book to the world, launched a little sibling site, forsaken gluten, and gotten engaged.

To celebrate, read on for a chance to win some of our favorite gifts that give back of the season:

Chan Luu, Indian Aventurine Single Wrap Bracelet on Olive Leather and Pink Cord
Fabulous jewelry designer Chan Luu introduced her bracelet for breast cancer earlier this fall as art of a Think Pink, Live Green campaign–with the idea that there are many easy and practical steps women can take to reduce their risk of breast cancer, and that eating greener, healthier, and better is one major way. $140,000 has already been raised at Environmental advocate and cookbook author Laurie David has been helping Chan campaign for the cause, and we have her to thank for this generous donation!

Baking For Good, Fall Sampler

In September 2009, our friend Emily Dubner started Baking For Good, a gifting site for sweet treats that donates 15% of every purchase to a cause of the customer’s choosing.Today, we are giving away a gift box, her Fall Sampler, which comes filled with gingerbread cookies and chai sandwiches! The winner will not only get the treats, though. Whoever wins will also get to pick the charity that Baking For Good will donate the 15% to.

sweetriot, riotBar bundle
Sweetriot is a fair trade, socially responsible chocolate company focusing its efforts in Latin America. These newly introduced riotBars are their first organic, Fair Trade certified collection.In addition to winning a bunch of bars, the rioters have offered you guys a discount code: bgskriot.

Rescue Chocolate, $25 gift certificate
Rescue Chocolate is “the sweetest way to save a life!” From each vegan chocolate bar purchased, 100% of the net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations around the country.There are 7 different kinds of chocolates available (each with adorable names such as Bow Wow Bon Bons), as well as shirts and leashes. You’ll have your pick!

To enter the Thanksgiving Gifts that Give Back Giveaway, you must:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving dish.
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  • Become a fan of our Facebook Page
  • (Extra Entry) Tell your facebook fans about the contest – post the link and @Big Girls Small Kitchen
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We’ll announce the four randomly selected winners (one for each prize) next week on the blog. Good luck!

From our kitchen, albeit small, to yours,


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  • Rose

    I love me some sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving :)

  • Taylor Trensch

    Scalloped sweet potatoes with smoked chiles! Also, embarrassed to admit it, cranberry sauce straight outta the can. Whoops.

    • Elfine

      I googled this cuz it sounded so good and found an all-stars rave recipe, Bobby Flay’s.  I’m making it soon!

  • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    STUFFING!!! i can’t wait.  

    great giveaway and happy t’giving!

  • amy beth marantino

    my favorite dish is Mom’s fried cauliflower

  • Bonnie

    My favorite “dish” is the gravy.  Nothing goes on my plate that can’t be smothered in gravy!

  • Bimondi128

    I love green bean casserole made the classic way with cream of mushroom soup and french fried onions. 

  • Kara Dembowski

    Dutch apple pie. Yum, can’t wait to eat a slice of that with some ice cream on the side!

  • Nichole Joyce

    I love cranberry relishes!

  • Shelley T.

    Pumpkin bread is my must-have for Thanksgiving dinner! just baked some this morning :)

  • Makobets

    My family is from Poland.  So my favorite Thanksgiving item is Pirogies!  Though we also have a tradition of my mom and I making an apple tart from scratch.  Good memories :)

  • Shelley T.
  • Lauren Wemischner

    My all time favorite thanksgiving dish is a tie between my dad’s amazing brandied fruit and cornbread stuffing and my favorite sweet potatoes and marshmallows from childhood.

  • Kim L.

    Happy Thanksgiving all, my favorite dish, and the one I prepare annually at the family gathering is Roasted Brussell Sprouts with Shallots and Pancetta.  I make a mean Pumpkin Cheesecake too.

  • Mbmitchell

    My Mom’s pecan pie!

  • Ddemos

    I make a spanikopita every year…go figure… it’s always a huge hit!

  • Beccasketch

    My mom makes a pie that’s like the love child of a pecan pie and a cheesecake. It’s pretty much unbeatable.

  • Nicolette

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish would have to be leftovers.  Everything taste better on the second day.  

    Happy Thanksgiving BGSK, here’s to many more years. 

  • Sam

    I like…”Orange You Glad It’s Thanksgiving” Soup by Rachel Ray.

    Haven’t tried this one yet but it looks so yummy:

  • Maryz

    Pumpkin Pie!

  • Malinda

    My mom’s squash dressing. It’s moist and delicious.

  • vaishali sharda

    Sweet Potato casserole…:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Monique

    My grammy makes a turnip and carrot dish that is my all time fabulous!

  • Monique

    Told my facebook friends about it!

  • Monique

    Tweeted about it!

  • Tara

    This was my first Thanksgiving on my own without my dad’s cooking.  Surprised myself (and a few friends) by turning out a moist, flavorful perfectly cooked bird!  My heart still belongs to the butternut squash, though…and all the awesome sandwiches to come! 

  • Ginelit

    I have a couple–my mum’s dressing/stuffing and a fruit salad with peanut butter/mayonnaise dressing–yum!

  • Heidi

    Mashed potatoes and stuffing….. all covered in yummy gravy! 

  • Nina Goldsmith

    Sweet potatoes with melted marshmallows on top…so good it should be dessert!

  • Csilla Varadi

    Either pecan pie or sweet potato casserole :)

  • Ellen Firestone

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish besides the turkey is almost always the green beans whether in a casserole or doused in bacon grease, they win!

  • Ellen Firestone

    Contest retweeted @fireskater:twitter 

  • Ellen Firestone

    I subscribe to BGSK and BGSK college!  And I canceled my facebook, so I dont get that entry!  Boo!  lol

  • Ellen Firestone

    I bought two copies of your book a few weeks back.  One for my daughter who is in Grad School in NYC and I had to get myself a copy because I loved it soooo much!

  • Zds2104

    I love it all! But the highlights are my mom’s cornbread stuffing with roasted vegetables and her cranberry sauce 😀

  • Chana Miller

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is definitely stuffing! I made one this year with wild mushrooms and leeks.

  • Joanna V.

    My favorite thanksgiving dish are the pies my father makes. It’s all in the crust… most people focus on the filling, but a pie is ruined with a bad crust.

  • Skyeziggy

    Favorite Thanksgiving dish: Mashed potatoes & gravy

  • Bernard

    Green beans wrapped in bacon and baked in a glaze of worcestershire and brown sugar.

  • Catherine

    Mmm, my mom’s sausage, cornbread, & apple stuffing. So good.

  • Khadija

    that bracelet is beautiful!

  • Fracturedchaos



  • Ehnie

    Cornbread stuffing. Yes. 

    Thank you for hosting this great giveaway! Happy Anniversary! :)

  • Dantosh7

    yam casserole with marshmallows on top! yum :)

  • Claire

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my grandmother’s sweet potatoes. She serves them in hollowed out orange shells with a brown sugar crumble topping, and they’re delicious!

  • Kim B

    My favorite thanksgiving dish is my sweet potato casserole. Its my favorite to eat and make. Anyone who tries my casserole raves about it (its all about the secret crunchy topping) I once had members of the college football team move my whole apartment for this casserole. Food is an excellent bargaining chip for free labor.

  • Francine Fogel

    It has to be the pumpkin pie for dessert!

  • Francine Fogel
  • Simone

    Sweet potato gratin with gruyere…heavenly!

  • Go Green

    A well-seasoned turkey.  This year I’m focusing my attention on getting the bird right!

  • Pamela

    Just found your site thanks to the Ginge Ale recipe on Gojee. I am looking forward to checking you out. My favorite T-day food is Oyster Dressing, a recipe from my father who made it as savory as he could which was a nice contrast to the turkey.  We also enjoy a leftover turkey tomatillo casserole with homemade corn tortillas.

  • Kelly

    I love my grandma’s home made noodles! (So sad now that I’m gluten free, though!)

  • Robin J.

    My daughter makes a fabulous pumpkin pie.  I think it is the homemade crust that I love so much. 

  • Lily

    Creamed spinach with crispy shallots. I could (and will) eat that all day long…

  • sara

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favorite side dish at Thanksgiving is definitely the stuffing!

  • Lauren

    My family keeps it simple with home-grown ingredients with a little salt and pepper! Roasted butternut squash and steamed green beans (frozen from the summer harvest).

  • Mandyfatemi

    My absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish has to be stuffing! But only if it’s done right! Of course, your spiked apple cider prove to be a beneficial addition to the table this year!

  • Christine

    Fresh Apple Cake is my favorite thing at Thanksgiving dinner!

  • Kristenash23

    My favorite has to be mashed potatoes and homemade gravy from the turkey drippings. 

  • Leigh H.

    Have to say sweet potatoes, or homemade baked mac n cheese with just enough red pepper flakes to give it some kick :)

  • Bodiluse

    Favorite Thanksgiving gift: cranberry sauce. I made two kinds this year: one with apples and cinnamon, one with apricots, cardamom & port.

  • Aaron L

    Green bean casserole! Duh…

  • Lily

    pureed potatoes infused with rosemary and garlic!

  • Meredith

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the turkey! Nothing says holidays like delicious turkey.

  • Meredith

    My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the turkey! Nothing says holidays like delicious turkey.

  • Ginny Trumbull

    The leftover, next-day sandwich of turkey, gravy and cranberry on a delicious roll. The best part: you’re not too full to enjoy it!

  • Daniella

    Stuffing is the greatest dish ever!  

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