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The 7 Best Sweets to Bake This Fall

Posted by on Sunday Oct 16th, 2011

Fall is in the air! It’s time for cable-knit sweaters, runny noses, and baking. How lovely. Fall may be the second best eating season on the East Coast, but it’s definitely the best time to bake. Great produce is still at the markets–and it’s there in bulk–but it’s not so hot that we dread turning on our ovens. Grab your apples, your pumpkins, your pears, and your raisins, and join us in the kitchen.

What do you like to bake in the fall? We’ll add it to our repertoire.

**The 7 Best Sweets to Bake This Fall**

1. Mom’s Famous

DISH: Polenta with Fried Capers, Red Peppers, and an Egg
TYPE: There’s-nothing-in-the-house-to-eat Lunch or Dinner
MAIN INGREDIENT: Polenta, Red Peppers, Capers, Egg

Has this ever happened to you–that there’s absolutely nothing in the house to eat? Either it’s been a while since you’ve gone shopping, or you’ve arrived at a weekend or rental house and the cupboards are bare. As likely as not, all the stores are closed, you’re snowed in, or you’re simply too lazy to go out.

But because I live in an apartment of ingredients where there’s very little food you could grab and go with anyway, …

Chicken Tikka Masala

Posted by on Wednesday Oct 12th, 2011

OTHER INDIAN SPECIALTIES: Chana Bateta; Free-Form Samosas; Potato-Pea Masala with Cilantro-Mint Chutney

In high school, we had a few restaurant eating traditions. If we ventured below 14th Street, it was for pad thai at Republic or dragon bowls at Angelica’s Kitchen. If we went east, it was probably for an Americano Panini at Via Quadrono, before or after a visit to the Met. On the Upper West Side, a.k.a. my hood, the regular spots were more numerous, but if it was a big group of girls, we almost always ended up at Mughlai.

The Indian food at …

Garlic Bread

Posted by on Monday Oct 10th, 2011

DISH: Great Garlic Bread
TYPE: Italian-American Side Dish
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Bread, Butter, Garlic

I’m not a food snob. Officially. Though I abhor fast food and flavored corn chips (aka Doritos–yegh), I’m mostly happy eating simple fare, some of it kind of old-fashioned. I do like baking my own bread or canning tomatoes–projects–but I don’t care too much about buying sliced bread from the market so long as it’s not full of preservatives. I don’t love farm to table restaurants, finding there’s too much talk about the food. As much as I love to shop, cook, and eat, in the end …

A a dull knife in the kitchen is an accident waiting to happen. We used to think using a knife sharpener at home was intimidating—I’m sure a lot of you still feel that way! But our friends at Edgeware (fan them on facebook here) have shown us the light. Tune in to this week’s Prep School video for some knife sharpening tips and three great, small-kitchen friendly products that make knife maintenance a breeze.

Did you think we would leave you empty-handed? We’re also giving away these three great knife sharpeners!

To enter the Edgeware Knife Sharpener Giveaway, you …

Cremini Mushroom, White Bean, and Barley Soup • Squash, Leek, and Quinoa Stuffing • Apple Compote with Vanilla Ice Cream

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