Seafood By the Seashore Dinner Party

We don’t splurge on pricey ingredients very often on BGSK. For this reason, we have far fewer seafood recipes than, say, vegetarian mains. But come summer, we go all out at the fish counter and play grown-up at the dinner table in ways we’re too lazy or too poor to do during the colder months, when we recede into quarter-life hibernation.

This menu makes the most of two seafood delicacies—crab and scallops—in a way that’s special enough to throw together for a hot dinner date, yet simple enough to do so for a party of your hottest friends. This isn’t your classic fish fry (for that, we’ve given you recipes for cod cakes and fried calamari this month). Our crab cakes are elevated with the addition of fresh scallions and herbs—light and elegant, and not weighed down by bulky breadcrumbs in place of crabmeat. Once you’ve polished off the appetizer, return to the kitchen quickly to sear your scallops and arrange them atop a bed of fresh corn and tomatoes. Set beside a bowl of summer greens, lightly sautéed zucchini and smoky gouda, this meal will make you feel twenty-five going on thirty-five (in a good way–that’s when you’ll actually be able to afford that weekend cottage by the seashore.

Green Onion Crab Cakes

Seared Scallops with Sweet Corn and Tomato Succotash

Saturday Salad with Walnuts, Zucchini, and Gouda

Sweet Ricotta Tart with Blueberry Compote

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  • Bevweidner

    LOVE scallops. So much that I might need to go to third base with them.

    • BGSK

      wow. that is love! i’m not even quite sure how to interpret that visual.

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