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OTHER CUCUMBER RECIPES: Vegetable Mint Salsa; Sweet and Sour Cabbage Salad; Grandpa Caprese Salad

As any of my high school friends will tell you (especially Cara and Jordana), I have a freakish love of garnish. You know, the random lettuce cup in the corner of your spring roll plate that contains nothing but a slice of cucumber and a carrot shaved to look like a rose? Most people who claim membership to the clean plate club will devour these flourishes before their server has a chance to clear the dish. But I eat them before even touching …

Real Simple: Coconut Caramel Ice Cream — As part of ice cream month, we designed a special flavor to share with Real Simple’s blog Simply Stated. Check out the delicious recipe for Dairy-Free Coconut Caramel Ice Cream here!

Check out some of these other delicious dips!

My friend Ali was one of my only housemates senior year who didn’t violate the “do your own dishes” rule, and contribute to a perpetually full sink of dirty plates. But that’s not because she was a neat freak. Rather, she didn’t have any dishes to speak of. If the only route to the garage wasn’t through the kitchen, Ali probably wouldn’t have realized we had one.

As one of the people who used the kitchen the most (duh), I certainly didn’t mind Ali’s lack of cooking. It was preferred to …

Midsummer Night’s Dinner

Posted by on Sunday Jul 17th, 2011

Guinness-Marinated Flank Steak • Zucchini and Rice Gratin • Coconut Shortbread • Fresh Cherries

Ditch those free weights, and grab a cast iron skillet instead!

When we fear we might have gained a couple pounds—whether or not it’s bikini season, some of us get a little bit less worried about what toppings we’re going to put on our pasta, and more concerned with how we’ll look in our bikini afterwards. The good news is, when it’s warm outside, we begin to crave the foods that are fresher, healthier, and better for our beach bods. If you don’t have time to round out that kind of healthy lifestyle with a trip to the gym, or …

Fab Fit Fun: Small Kitchen, Big Recipes — We’re thrilled to be featured in this week’s Fab Fit Fun newsletter. Check out the post on their site!

Village Voice & Gothamist: BGSK + Gojee — We’ve been receiving some great press as a result of a new partnership with Gojee, a new recipe database that offered hand picked recipes personalized for you. Check out our mentioned in these gojee articles in The Village Voice’s blog Fork in the Road, and on Gothamist!