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BEST GRAIN SALADS: Rice Noodle Salad with Vegetables and Cashews; Grandpa Caprese Panzanella; Lemon Couscous Salad With Cilantro, Raisins, & Almonds; Quinoa Tabouli with Mint, Parsley, and Preserved Lemons; Teriyaki Soba Salad.

One of the perks of having written a cookbook besides, well, pride and joy, is having an archive of perfectly tested recipes that cater precisely to your tastes. While it’s rare that I follow a recipe in the kitchen, choosing instead to follow my whims and the ingredients in my fridge, it is nice to have a base formula that I know I can count on. You know, rather than changing everything about a recipe, I can just throw in additions and substitutions here and there.

Though it’s published in our joint cookbook, technically speaking, this recipe comes from a salad Phoebe developed. She first brought Corn and Barley Salad to Mag Club in the spring of 2009, aka eons ago.

How To: Eat Out When You’re Gluten-Free

Posted by on Sunday Jul 24th, 2011

Though I’m only a newby at this whole gluten-free game, there is one thing I know for sure: it’s a lot harder to navigate eating out than cooking at home. One of the many reasons why we advocate making your own food is that you know exactly what you’re eating. When it comes to dietary restrictions, this is particularly important. But alas, until we take up some sort of Cathy Erway pact, eating out at restaurants once in a while seems pretty unavoidable.

Since getting my gluten-free sea legs, I’ve accidentally eaten béchamel sauce and had chicken arrive in front …

Hello, Tomatoes! A Dinner Feast

Posted by on Sunday Jul 24th, 2011

Creamy Gazpacho • Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta • Arugula Caprese with Sliced Baguette, Tomato Jam & Scallion Butter

We started our Dude Food series this spring in order to mix up the usual BGSK offerings with interviews and submissions for and by dudes. As you can image, having “big girls” in our name has been a bit of a deterrent for the male population. We like to think of this section as the man cave below the BGSK kitchen. If you have ideas, become a dude food contributor!

Food Republic is not too old but already it’s become the go-to food site for guys on the net. Its daily articles, recipes, and news pieces explore the new

July 26th: Reading at the New Canaan Library — Connecticut here we come! We’ll be doing a reading and signing (via Elm Street Books) at the New Canaan Library on Tuesday, July 26th at 7:30pm. Click here for more info, and about their Authors on Stage series!

Food Republic: Tips and Tricks for Date Night — We shared our tips and tricks with the guys over at Marcus Samuelson’s site, Food Republic. Check them out here, and make sure to tune in for FR’s editor, Richard Martin’s take on how guys and girls differ when it comes to cooking as part of this week’s dude food column!

Trust me, after nearly three years of doing this, we know how to win your heart. Whether it’s pancakes, beer and beef, or lotus blondies, we’ve found a way to appeal to the people in our lives with the creations of our kitchens.

But if you want to win my heart, here is what you do: drive up to Ipswich, Mass, buy me the largest basket of fried clams they sell, and instantaneously transport them back to Brooklyn, where they’ll arrive briny and still crunchy and perfect. Fried seafood, in other words, is one of my …