Prep School: How to Make Garlic Paste


Our book may be out, but we still have many great techniques to show you as part of our “book prep” video series!

We’ve given you How To Devein Shrimp, Brown Meat, and Make a Vinaigrette. Today, an essential technique for making delicious savory food: how to make garlic paste.

It may sound simple, but it’s important to extract and diffuse the flavor from your garlic, especially when you’re serving the garlic raw, in guacamole or salad dressings. We also use garlic paste in our of our favorite recipes from In the Small Kitchen–our Provençal Baked Chicken, an addictive (and cheap) dinner party main.

Watch Cara pulverize garlic today, and stay tuned for more prep videos to come over the next few weeks–-consider it a little bit of summer school!

From our kitchen, getting prepped, to yours,



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