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Thursday 232

Not long after January 2011 reared its cold wintry head, the two of us made a decision: when our book came out on sunny May 24th, we were going on a book tour. Book tours for first-time authors are largely unheard of. But we were determined. We spent long hours catering, saving up money for our trip. We reached out to friends in faraway states. And we bugged our dear PR gal, Megan, who managed to stay in good spirits despite all of that bugging, to keep contacting book stores to host us. In late April, we finally settled on a tour: events in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. (If you don’t happen to live in any of these areas, fear not! We’re hoping to do a bit more touring in the late summer, early fall; leave a comment with where you’d love to have us go!).

Here are the pictures from our trip so you can pretend you were there, right along with us. In addition to the events we organized, we left some time to see the cities: to drive through fierce traffic in LA, to eat fried fish by the Bay in Sausalito, to brunch in DC and go to the market with some of our blogger friends.

You can link to all the fantastic press we’ve received on this page. Now: scroll down to see the slideshow of our trip! (Book Party photos are by Sunny Norton through Guest of a Guest. The rest are by us and friends.)

From our kitchen, back home in NY, to yours,



On book pub night, we taught a brunch class at the beautiful Brooklyn Kitchen, featuring Baked French Toast and Creamy Mushroom Tartines with Chive Scrambled Eggs.

What a great group!

We dorkily obsessed over seeing our book on shelves and tables at local bookstores.

On May 26th, we threw a fabulous party at The Wooly (organized by the Small Girls PR team who did our blog relaunch party). There were sprinkle-covered BGSK cookies, Onion Dip with Chips in Brown Paper Bags, Mini PB&J Cakewiches, and Rice Krispie Balls!


We had a photobooth for guests to post with kitchen props. That’s us with Katie and Megan of Harper Collins/William Morrow–our publishers.

We partied, danced, and signed books. See the full party album here!

After Memorial Day weekend, we flew to LA. We fell immediately in love with the West Coast food scene. Here, Phoebe snacking on Vietnamese tacos from the Nom Nom Truck outside of Vromans in Pasadena.

Cara really loves Nom Nom!

Our very first book reading! Though we’d been up for nearly 24 hours, the audience said we sounded like pros. At Vromans in Pasadena.

In our host Sam’s kitchen, we baked dozens of gingersnaps for Thursday evening’s book party.

In LA, we hosted a book party at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills filled with new friends and old. Here, we pose with fellow Morrow author, Lulu Powers and lifestyle expert Sally Horchow.

In San Francisco, we headed straight for the Mission. Cara’s burrito at Papalote, loaded to the brim with Cali-Mex goodness.

Cookies and books at our reading, San Francisco’s Books, Inc in the Marina.

On our last day in San Fran, we cooked brunch for a group of 30 women entrepreneurs, organized by the supper club start-up, Grubly.

Our Grubly menu was our favorite brunch from the book: Assorted Quickbreads…

…Creamy Mushroom Tartines with Chive Scrambled Eggs…

…and Baked French Toast with Berry Compote. The compote was made from cherries fresh from the Ferry Building farmers’ market.

Question of the day: should we use a Barbie platter?

With our Grubly hosts, Desiree and Cameron.

Even in the rain, California farmers’ markets are killer.

We met up with our friend Casey to eat our last meal at Fish., in Sausalito. It consisted of barbecue oysters…

…and amazing fish & chips, to sustain us on the red eye back home.

Back in New York, we were guests on Michael Harlan-Turkell’s radio show, The Food Seen (Listen to us here).

Cara’s mom threw us a party too! Besides the food (meatball sliders & onion dip), and the signed poster board, the best part was these Baking For Good BGSK Book Cover Cookies!

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  • Bev Weidner

    You’re done with the book tour?! Come to Kansas City! Congrats – looks like you ladies had the best time!

  • Jessie Blum

    What a fabulous book tour!  Looks like you guys had a ton of fun, and cooked some tasty food along the way, too!!

  • Lauren Piro

    Can we be friends? Seriously. I love your blog and I’m so excited for you guys! What a great tour!

    • BGSK


    • BGSK


  • Tori

    Oh I wish you guys would venture further north….Maybe visit Canada?  Toronto is pretty sweet and if you haven’t been here yet, I’d love to show you around!  PLEASE!

    • BGSK

      Hmmm…we’d love to make it to Toronto. 

    • BGSK

      Hmmm…we’d love to make it to Toronto. 

  • Beauty & the Feast

    Looks like an amazing trip! Congrats, ya’ll have so much to offer to the world of young fresh foodies and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book!
    Annnnd I think you’d HIGHLY fancy a trip down to Georgia… I meaaaan, ATL house some pretty good eating!

  • Beauty & the Feast

    Looks like an amazing trip! Congrats, ya’ll have so much to offer to the world of young fresh foodies and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book!
    Annnnd I think you’d HIGHLY fancy a trip down to Georgia… I meaaaan, ATL house some pretty good eating!

  • Ash_Le_Dow

    You should come to Minneapolis!!! 

    • BGSK

      We’re hoping to! Do you have ideas for the best venue?

  • Ash_Le_Dow

    You should come to Minneapolis!!! 

  • Kenneka Coffey

    Good job on all your success so far!! I’m only 18 and love you all!! you should definitively make a stop in Louisville, Kentucky!!!!!!! 

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