Summer-Chic Vegetarian Lunch

In the summer, lunches are often a casual affair, a couple of slices of good tomatoes sitting on top of bread and cheese, or some leftovers from last night’s grilling. Once in a while, though, whether you’re having company or not, it’s nice to spruce things up a bit. This lunch takes advantage of so much that’s good at the farmers’ market–tomatoes, of course, plus radicchio, scallions, and herbs.

Creamy Gazpacho

Radicchio and Mozzarella Toasts

Coffee-Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich Squares

Posted in: Vegetarian
  • Anonymous

    This tomato soup is really healthy for health in summer. I am alway drinking this soup in summer daily. This soup in include ingredients are sitting on top of bread and cheese, or some leftover. 
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  • Anonymous

    Tomato soup is my one of the favorite soup. It is very healthy and testy soup. I am eating this soup in summer time. It is very healthy for health.
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