Tax Day Big Spender Dinner

Some of us without ye ole corporate paychecks, may be owing the government some money this tax season. Since Cara and I are in that camp (and counting our grocery pennies), we’re also hoping that we have plenty of friends who come away with more green in their pockets than expected–and that they invite us over for dinner. Throwing a more luxurious than usual “big spender” dinner party is a great way to share the wealth and enjoy the fabulous life with friends, while those Tax Day refunds last. This menu includes some of our favorite haute ingredients–caviar, burrata, prosciutto, and lobster (obviously). The dishes also happen to be on the simple side, so make sure you invest in really good quality ingredients. After all, you can afford it!

Potato Crisps with Creme Fraiche and Caviar in Oyster Shells

Asparagus Spears with Burrata and Prosciutto

Lobster Rolls on Toasted Brioche

Pound Cake with Strawberries and Creme Anglaise

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