St. Patty’s Weekday Breakfast For Two

While we used to order Green Eggs & Ham at restaurants when we were kids, as quarter-lifers, there’s really only one time of year when we give this dish a proper home at our table: St. Patty’s Day. Last year, for Hoboken’s parade weekend, Phoebe cooked up a buffet spread of Chive Scrambled Eggs, English Muffins, and Prosciutto for twenty of her closest friends. But who says you can’t show your Irish spirit on a smaller scale? Whether or not you choose to make this Dr Seuss-ian meal for your roommate in the morning, or before you hit the bars later that night, it’s the perfect festive treat to get your green on, and still make it out the door on time.

Spinach Pie Quesadilla


Irish Hot Chocolate

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