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Spring Break Buffet

Posted by on Monday Mar 21st, 2011

Coconut-Lime Coolers • Black Bean Cakes with Mango-Lime Crema • Jennie’s Fish Tacos • Cilantro-Lime Crema • Coconut Cake

How To: Be a Potluck Party All-Star

Posted by on Sunday Mar 20th, 2011

We’ve been huge fans of a good potluck long before we became the bloggers of Big Girls, Small Kitchen. As you’ll read in The Book, we grew up amongst a group of girls who just plain loved to cook–and who had tastes that were wise beyond their (our) years. At least once a month, we would gather at one of our parents’ dining room tables and feast. There were some especially memorable potlucks during college, when we’d come together over thanksgiving break and pass around a token after we were done eating. When you were holding the token, you …

For tips and tricks on how to host the perfect brunch, see our handy dandy brunch guide.

EVENT: Elyssa’s 26th Birthday Brunch
VENUE: Elyssa’s Apartment, West Villge
PARTY SIZE: 24 girls, 1 boy
TYPE: BFF-BGSK Catered Brunch Buffet
MENU: Individual Huevos Rancheros with Chipotle Black Beans and Creamy Avocado; Baked French Toast with Blueberry Compote; Fruit Platter; Assorted Bread Basket with Raspberry Butter; Moosetracks Cupcakes

One of the downsides of catering is that it’s cooking for strangers, and we really love cooking for people we know (and love). So it’s always a treat …

3/26/11: Food For Thought Expo in Fairfield, CT — We’ll be cooking up a storm next Saturday, March 26th at the annual Food For Thought Expo in Fairfield, CT. You can find out more about the event in this article. Our demo is at 2pm, and we’ll be making take-out at home! If you are in the area, we’d love you to stop by.

Recipe Flash: Linguine Aglio e Olio con Acciuga

Posted by on Wednesday Mar 16th, 2011

Recently, after a pasta dinner at my friend Rachel’s house, we were talking about, well, pasta. It was about a week after I’d made this linguine to eat for myself. So when Rachel went around and asked each of her guests what our go-to pastas were, I was surprised to hear her say that hers was fairly similar to this one. Here I was thinking I was alone in enjoying a good fishy splash of garlicky olive oil coating my pasta. Apparently not. Rachel’s version–which I’m sure to try soon–includes broccoli rabe, plus the ingredients in this post’s super simple …

Southern Flourish: Yankee Girl’s Guide to a Southern Dinner — Southern Flourish asked us to write about how to throw a Southern-style urban dinner party. Our resulting recipes were as pan-southern as they get, infused with our yankee enthusiasm and ability to google. Check out our recipes for jambalaya, fried chicken salad with buttermilk dressing, pecan sundaes, and the yankee bourbon dandy cocktail in the magazine.

Huffington Post: Theme Parties Are the Best Parties — We shared our love of theme parties this week with Huffington Post, as well as our tips for being the best theme party host ever. Check them out here, and don’t forget to get your green on this Thursday.