Formal Pescatarian Dinner Party

Last year around this time, Phoebe was contemplating what to cook for her parents as a belated birthday present to them both. Her father, pesky as he is, is now a pescatarian, and doesn’t eat meat. Fish can be a nice way to make an everyday menu more formal–it’s a little bit pricier than the proteins we usually cook with, and something about a beautiful fillet in the middle of a plate makes us feel like fancy restaurant chefs. This particular pescatarian menu is a great way to usher in spring without relying too heavily on vegetables that are just making their way to the farmers’ market. Lemon and capers, while present in our winter cooking, have a nice way of brightening up our usual dishes and welcoming the sunshine to our tables. If you’re looking to spend a little less money on your special occasion, try using skate or roasted monkfish instead of the bass, which can get pricy.

Artichokes with Caper-Scallion Mayonnaise

Striped Bass with Salsa Verde

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Lemon Tart with Cream


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