5 Best Sausage Recipes

Sausage can be a small-kitchen carnivore’s best friend. It’s already flavored when you buy it, which means more taste without more chopping of garlic, purchasing of spices, or washing of herbs. There are endless varieties out there–pork, turkey, chicken, and even vegetarian–and they’re seasoned with everything from sundried tomato to apple. Make sure to choose a sausage that goes with your dish. Some, like merguez, are linked to a region (Morocco), so you’ll want to stay as authentic as possible when using those.


1. Merguez Sausage with Black Lentils

2. Sausage-Tomato Foccacia

3. Pumpkin-Leek Stuffing with Turkey Sausage

4. Rigatoni Treviso

5. Merguez and Green Chard Tagine

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