5 Best Get-Better Foods

When you’re feeling under the weather, there’s nothing like home-cooked food for rapid improvement. Garlic and Chicken Soup will easily nurse you back to health, and Rice Pudding Cereal will deliver you into the comfort of your mother’s kitchen–at least Cara’s mother’s. When you’re nearly back on your feet, invest twelve hours of couch time watching your no-knead bread rise, then eat it toasted with butter or butter and cinnamon sugar. Last but not least, to celebrate your return (or near return) to health, feast on nourishing, soul-feeding Mac and Cheese.


1. Garlic Soup

2. Small Kitchen Chicken Soup

3. No-Knead Bread, Toasted, Buttered, and Sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar

4. Rice Pudding Cereal

5. Mac and Cheese (for when you’re starting to feel better but are craving comfort food)

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