Welcome to the New BGSK!


As you can see, something’s different at Big Girls, Small Kitchen. We’ve been hard at work for months, planning, tinkering, writing, cooking, photographing, revising, and more.

We’ve migrated to a new platform (WordPress), updated our design, and improved our functionality tenfold, and we’re so proud and happy to be re-launching today.

If you’re a reader who’s been with us for a while, we hope you find the new BGSK as comfortable as the old one. It’s still the same old Quarter-Life Cooks behind it all–we’ve just gotten a little bit of a makeover. If you’re new, welcome!

Either way, poke around the Blog, the Guides, the News, the Featured Menus, and the updated (and photo-loaded) About Us.

Enormous thanks are due to Laureen from Paperwhite Studio, who created the beautiful design, and to Matt and Yonathan from Social Ink, who did the development.

New sites are prone to all kinds of kinks and quirks, so please let us know if you come across anything peculiar or nonfunctional. Stay tuned as we add new kinds of posts, timely menus and guides, and a whole new section–BGSK College.

We can’t wait to keep on bringing you the best recipes, most useful tips, and greatest moments from our small kitchens. We’ve now got a platform that can support our creative impulses, and we have a feeling it’s going to be great.

From our kitchen, renovated but still small, to yours,


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  • http://otm-inthegalley.blogspot.com/ SeattleDee

    I’m still checking out all of the new features… Wow, there’s a lot to explore. I love the new look and am impressed with the thoughtfulness behind the upgrade.

  • http://otm-inthegalley.blogspot.com/ SeattleDee

    I’m still checking out all of the new features… Wow, there’s a lot to explore. I love the new look and am impressed with the thoughtfulness behind the upgrade.

  • Thefriendlyfoodiegirl

    Phoebe and Cara- Congratulations on your new site! It looks amazing!! I have not been reading or blogging for long, but already you girls have been such an amazing inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!

  • http://twitter.com/EclecticUnions Jessie Blum

    Oooh, lovely new place you have here! You will love WordPress, it is really fun and easy to use. The design is lovely, too. Love the little mushroom and asparagus in the header :)

  • Alex

    The site looks great! Your hard work has definitely paid off.

  • http://www.therestofmylifesofar.net Mishi

    Hi! I love the new site! I know I haven’t shown my face around BGSK in a while, but I moved to South Korea and life has been a little cooking-deprived. My kitchen has no oven, which is a devastating blow! I still follow, though. I can’t wait for your book this May! Hurray!

  • AB

    mad props for this new site! i LOVE the guides section, and the “when you’re short on” recipes! go bgsk!

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ashwin James Ashwin

    New site is great! Awesome styling and really easy, logical layout.

    Good job!

    PS – Only one dead link spotted so far – “these cookies” on http://www.biggirlssmallkitchen.dreamhosters.com/the-bgsk-book.

  • http://dearfriendblog.com aeb.

    LOVING the new look! Woohoo!

  • http://paperwhitesblog.blogspot.com Alison

    i heart the new site! i will be pouring through all the new pages and features for days. congratulations, it’s fantastic!

  • Rachel Cupp

    I’ve been a BGSK fan ever since I saw you on The Barefoot Contessa. I love Ina, and I love how you follow her same simple style and approach to cooking. I love the new design; however, I can’t seem to make it work on my IPhone, which is what I usually use to read the blog. Do you have any suggestions/ideas what the problem might be?

  • http://twitter.com/bkingthroughger katie mazur

    I love the new site!!! Great job guys! There’s so much to check out and not enough time!

  • Steph

    The new site looks fantastic! I love the horizontal feel of the layout; so open and spacious.

  • http://leahsthoughts.com/ Leah

    I love the new design and look. Very cool!

  • http://makeandtakes.com/ Marie

    I’m new here and love it already! What yummy recipes you have. I’m already going to be trying the sweet potato and black bean burgers I found on Meatless Monday!

  • Anonymous

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