Snow Day Cooking

When you’re snowed it, cooking is as much about the activity as it is about the meal that results. It goes without saying that said meal should be filling and warm, perhaps a little richer than ordinary. But in the end it is the process that counts, the extra steps that serve as entertainment when you’re through with playing (or shoveling) outdoors. We have fond memories of baking cookies and cakes and of reading about the cake baked by two sisters in the adorable children’s book Happy Winter. This menu takes all that into account, giving you a pie crust to roll out, artichokes to tear apart, and cookies to bake and fill. At the end, of course, is a delicious dinner for four.

Old-Fashioned Rich Chicken Pot Pie

Artichokes with Caper-Scallion Mayo

Coffee-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Posted in: Weeknight Dinner
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