Ladies’ Valentine’s Day Brunch

We’re big believers in spending Valentine’s Day with our loved ones–and over the years, the loved ones we’ve had the most fun with on February 14th are our friends. Invite a group of girls over for a casual, festive brunch loaded with luscious red fruit, chocolate, and love.

Irish Hot Chocolate

“City” Oatmeal with Blueberries and Dried Cherries

Lemony Smoked Salmon Scramble

Heart- and Lip-Shaped Sugar Cookies

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  • Anonymous

    From elegant brunch I master, ice immediately Cr è me slack Hou in the production of fresh and smoked salmon Blinis. The smaller disk will include my favorite Norway smoked salmon from the local fish market.

  • nose surgery

     Wow.. Valentine day brunch are so awesome. I really like this dish and Its  looks so awesome. And Its my favorite dish.

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