Giveaway: BGSK Relaunch Party & Prizes!

This giveaway is now closed–C&P, 2/5/11

We couldn’t be more excited that we’ve finally relaunched the site. And, to celebrate, we are doing what any fun, self-respecting quarter-lifer would do: throwing a party!

If you are in the New York area and want to join us on Friday, February 4th at the Thompson Hotel, contact us and we will add you to the guest list. Check out a sneak peak here. In addition to the Eat Your Heart Out cupcake decorating station sponsored by How About We, aphrodisiac pass-arounds like cucumber canapes in oyster shells, and the chance to meet us, we are giving away lots of sexy free stuff We’ll be holding a live giveaway for the fabulous prizes listed below, and the winners will be announced on the blog next weekend, after the party.

But we wouldn’t want any of our fabulous readers in faraway places to feel left out. We’re also giving you all a chance to win a cherry red casserole dish from Le Creuset and other awesome utensils from Chicago Metallic and Edgeware right here on the blog.

To enter the BGSK Valentine’s Day Bakeware Giveaway, you must:

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  • Become a fan on Facebook. (We recently moved to a new page. Make sure you join this one for all the latest news!)
  • Leave a comment below and tell us about the most romantic meal you’ve ever eaten.
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We’ll announce the winner next weekend after the party–hope to see you there!!

From our kitchen, albiet small, to yours,


**BGSK Party Prizes**

BFF (Platonic) Double Date with BGSK
You and your 3 BFF’s will be invited over for dinner chez BGSK. The night will feature food from our small kitchens, games of footsie, and conversation about how we too are going to become BFF’s.
Valentine’s Day Cookie Delivery By Baking For Good
This Valentine’s Day, a lucky winner will receive 1 dozen Pink Macaroons hand delivered to your valentine by Emily Dubner, founder of Baking For Good. 15% perfect of the gift’s value will be donated to the recipient’s cause of choice on BFG.

BGSK Sexy Utensil & Bakeware Sets
Baked goods are an essential ingredient if you want to heat up your love life this Valentine’s Day season. Our friends at Le Creuset, Edgeware, and Chicago Metallic are giving two winners all the tools they’ll need to cook up some love at home.
Tate’s Bakeshop VDay Cookie Gift Box and Cookbook
If you don’t have time to cook up love yourself, Tate’s Bakeshop is not in short supply. The winner with receive an Assorted Cookie Gift Box and a copy of the Tate’s Bakeshop Cookbook with a foreword by Ina Garten.
Date Night Outfit by Jay Godfrey
The winner will receive a gift card from the fabulous designer Jay Godfrey, whose fun and flirty party dresses we will be wearing at the party. If you’re looking for a special outfit for a special Valentine’s date, this year it’s on us (and Jay).
Romantic Dinner for 2 at Flex Mussels
Wine and dine your date the right way, with this perfect aphrodisiac pairing. The winner will receive an Oyster and Wine Tasting for Two at Flex Mussel‘s new downtown location. To seal the deal, be sure to stay for dessert–Top Chef Just Desserts contestant Zac Young is responsible for the restaurant’s selection of haute donuts.
A Night of Culture and Games at Ars Nova
New York’s hottest emerging playwrights springboard off the wild titles of Nintendo Wii games to create a night of short plays with an arcade spin. The winner will receive two tickets to The Wii Playsit’s game night Ars Nova style!
Experience the Chef’s Table at Apt4 Food and Wine
Our friends at Apt4 Food and Wine invite you and a guest to join them for a unique culinary experience. The winner will receive two tickets to the Chef’s Table series for an intimate four-course dinner with wine pairings. The dining club, helmed by two chefs who hail from some of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s top kitchens, along with a certified sommelier, brings together great people who love great food and great wine.
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  • Robin T.

    Grilled cheese sandwiches. It was romantic because my husband and I had just moved into our first new home. We had no appliances in yet. All we had was a loaf of bread, some cheese and a hot plate. We drank wine straight from the bottle with our grilled cheese. We couldn’t have been happier.

  • amanda

    I think every Friday night meal that my fiance and I eat at my apartment is romantic. I cook and then we drink red wine (which we only save for the weekend) and get to sit at the table and talk for as long as we want. No work in the morning, no alarm clocks, just time to forget the busy and stress of the week.

  • K Brisson

    My most romantic meal ever was pickles and olives out of the refridgerator. My boyfriend attempted a pretty mega undertaking for a valentines day meal (Crown rost, risotto, souffle) and it ended up burning, setting the tea towels on fire, and consequently, covering the kitchen in baking powder. We settled on a glass of chapagne, pickles and olives instead. It’s the thought that counts… and the baking powder!

  • Andrea

    I know it sounds silly, but clam chowder bowls in Frontier Land in Disneyland. My boyfriend and I hadn’t seen each other for 4 months and I flew out to California to see him on my birthday. We spent the day at The Happiest Place on Earth and then ate some of the best chowder while watching fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

  • Ashley

    My most romantic meal was with my husband on our first date 7 years ago. We were sitting at the restaurant, over looking the beautiful bay in Traverse City, MI. We had an appetizer of assorted stuffed olives, which I now make at home for us! Great to be inspired. The olives were stuffed with blue cheese, jalapeno’s, anchovies, etc. This is nothing so new now, but we feel in love with this appetizer all those years ago.
    We enjoyed each other, great tasting wine and the magic of what was to become the rest of our lives together. Our wedding dinner was held at this very restaurant. Next month we will celebrate 6 years of marriage. More happy times to come!

  • Lia N

    i think the most romantic meal was at this small byob, where we actually got to sit at the chef’s table and try all of these delicious samplings. we brought a bottle of wine that i had lugged back from santorini, and ended up having this amazing pork that just fell off the bone it was so tender.

  • VBissell

    Oh I wish I could be there! I don’t have a boyfriend and I’ve never had one…but I’ll tell you about the most romantic meal I had with a crush a long time ago.

    I was 15 and completely in love with this guy. I’m pretty sure he thought I was a puppy because I followed him around everywhere! We were both working at this summer camp. We were best friends. We’d go on long walks and talk and talk for hours. The most romantic meal I had with him was just ice cream (okay I know that’s not a meal but I remember feeling like the most beautiful girl in the whole world!) It was late after work and we were hanging out with a bunch of friends in the snackery (a snack shack where they sold simple food and ice cream and well snacks). We both grabbed some ice cream and were going to go back and sit with our friends when he grabbed my hand and said lets go for a walk. Together we walked down to the beach and ate our ice cream together. We sat on a bench right on the beach and talked for hours under the stars. It was amazing! We talked about everything. The setting was perfect! The stars twinkling and reflecting off of the silent and still lake – it was amazing.

  • Beckie Sommerville

    I remember a year right after we had our twins. They were asleep and my husband and I enjoyed some good steaks, a baked potato and grilled veggies. I just remember feeling so satisfied with life and that I couldn’t be more in love with my husband.

  • Natalie M

    Most romantic meal ever: I have a dear friend from Italy whom I met online at a pen-pal website when I was younger. Well, we fell out of touch and a few years later he got a hold of me to tell me he was studying abroad in Ohio. When I asked him where he was studying, I was surprised to find out that his business school was apart of my university. We agreed to meet up and soon became great friends having coffee (or in his case espresso) every morning. Before he was supposed to leave to move back to Italy, we went out to dinner at a random Thai restaurant. It was amazing, because it was the only time we actually went out to dinner together. We spent the whole dinner taking silly pictures to remind each other of ourselves being happy. The next night was his last in the US, and to this day those are the only photos I have of him.

  • Susan

    Roast chicken!

  • Kate

    The most romantic meal I have ever eaten was mussels in white wine and root beer floats for dessert. I made this for my boyfriend for New Year’s Eve and this was one of my first cooking adventures. Great company and great flavors! My root beer float was delicious and his was made with guinness instead of root beer! Yum!

  • Deannababy61

    My husband and I ran away to the next state to get married. It was about an hour and a half away. The plan was, we’d go get married, come home and then in the evening go out to a VERY pricey steakhouse to celebrate. We were so excited to be married, that when we left the courthouse, we drove for about an hour in the wrong direction, while we giggled and chattered. When we noticed, we immediately turned around, and as if the act of turning around was too strenuous, the card broke down. It was the hottest day of the year. We figured the car had just overheated, so we waited and after about 20 minutes, the car started again. It stopped about every 15-20 minutes. First I took off my panty hose, and my husband took off his coat and tie. By the time we actually made it home, I was just in my underwear, and he was just in his pants. A one and a half hour trip took six hours. When we finally got home we were hot and sweaty and gritty and exhausted. We skipped the steakhouse, and ate pizza delivery on a checkered tablecloth on the living room floor, in our underwear. We had wine, and a candle, and an air conditioner. It was perfect!

  • Aebaraff

    I recently had a fabulous date in SF at a classy Italian restaurant with incredible wine accompanied by fresh thinly sliced prosciutto on toasty grilled bread. Mmmmm. Epitome of a romantic meal.

  • Erica Murriel

    In the summer, for a picnic on the lawn of an old mansion, a boy made me macaroni and cheese (and brought his own salt a pepper shakers along!)

  • MySkinConcierge Ava

    My husband has cooked for me our entire relationship. He even cooked for me before he proposed! We have now been married over 22 years and have 2 kids! He’s great!

  • puff daddy J

    A frittata the future Mrs. made from leftovers in my bachelor pad kitchen. Showing off her resourcefulness was a big plus; the frittata was yummy; and dessert wasn’t too shabby either…

  • Brianne Lunzmann

    Hi ladies! Wish I could join you in your big book launch next week. I recently moved from NYC to Seattle…good luck! My most romantic meal…might have been the beer + fries my boyfriend and I shared at Union Hall in Park Slope the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. :) I didn’t live in New York yet so the bocce ball and library theme won me over – I said yes!

  • Moffett

    Noodle Kugel… I tried (and messed up) your recipe. My sweet sweet boyfriend not wanting to be rude ate several bites. Finally we ordered pizza. He has promised to always be my cooking guinea pig!

  • Small Town Girl

    Just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend (but not for much long to my surprise!) and I were on vacation in Mexico where he was adamant about taking me out to a very nice dinner. We both got all dressed up and headed to the restaurant early planning to have a drink at the bar. He was acting so odd and there wasn’t much conversation before dinner. Our reservation time finally approached and we headed into the restaurant. It was dark and dainty and just absolutely beautiful. I ordered some seared Ahi plate (I think) and Miso soup, he got a big seafood platter. Next thing I know he is on one knee by my chair professing his love, not only for me but for my family too (he really knows what’s in my little heart!), and out comes a little black box! He asks me to be his forever and then opens the little box (complete with the little light in the top) to show off the shiny ring inside. I, through lots of excited tears, said yes! We hardly ate anything we were so excited, so room service later, tacos and cerveza, became the REAL dinner!

  • Laura Banish

    My boyfriend and I recently cooked dinner together for the first time. We made apple/celery root bisque and sweet potato “spaghetti” with sage brown butter sauce. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone by cooking with them. Our food was not only delicious, but I think making the meal made us feel closer to one another

  • Meghan

    I haven’t had a lot of overly romantic meals, as it isn’t really my style. My most romantic I would say was a meal that I made for my boyfriend for his birthday a couple of years ago. It literally took me all day, and he was so appreciative and we enjoyed it so much! I’m also a fan on facebook and get your newsletter.

  • GwenH

    My most romantic meal was when my husband (then boyfriend) and I lived in a small apartment and lived on a small budget. We had a ritual where Friday nights would be our gourmet burger night! I’d make these burgers from scratch topped with carmelized onions and mushrooms with organic greens. My husband would bring home wine and dessert from our local bodega/cafe and we’d have the best feast of the week and a great way to start off our weekend!

  • Anonymous

    the most romantic meal i’ve had wasn’t an actual meal. i had made cookies, and whenever my whatever he is (we might be the textbook definition of what “it’s complicated” means on facebook) got up to get another, he would always bring me back one. he does always take care of me.

  • Sburton8a

    my husband always leaves the last bite for me. nothing more romantic than that.

  • KWed

    Weekend breakfasts that my boyfriend makes me are definitely my most romantic meals. While he takes me to nice restaurants and plans fun date nights, it means the most to me when he just wakes up earlier than me on a Saturday and lets me sleep while he makes breakfast.

  • Jenna

    Hamburgers at a little local joint in northern California. Sitting there eating fries, I looked across the table and realized I loved my best friend from childhood. Nobody but him could make milkshakes and burgers seem so romantic.

  • Emily

    The most romantic meal I ever ate was my “engagement meal.” I shouldn’t really call it a meal, it was more like a midnight snack. My husband and I are both alums of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He arrived after midnight in the middle of the summer at my apartment to visit me. The whole visit was a last minute surprise and to be honest when he arrived I was grumpy and tired. We made our way to the 24 hour New York style deli in town and ordered a curried chicken salad sandwich and a muffin. We walked to the lawn to eat our “picnic midnight snack” and to my surprise just as we finished, he pulled out a ring and proposed. I won’t ever forget the who/what/where/when we got engaged and I will definitely never forget that my breath smelled like curry when he sealed the deal with a smooch!

  • Celeste

    The most romantic meal I’ve ever had wasn’t particularly romantic if you only think about the food– it was just zucchini and butternut squash pasta, butternut squash soup and Italian millefoglie cookies… but the boy and I made them together– making it all perfectly romantic.

  • Danielle

    My most romantic meal I ever made, takes me back to high school :). I was leaving my high school sweetheart for a month so I made him his favorite meal: lasagna and chocolate orange espresso cookies. It was the first meal I made for a boy and he talked about it years later even after we had broken up and moved apart.

  • Chelsea

    There is a small restaurant in our town that is on what used to be hundreds of acres of apple orchards, the restaurant was the families home that has now been converted to a small cafe; kept in it’s original condition. They only serve breakfast and lunch, but once a year on Valentines day they take reservations for couples to have dinner there. The space is limited so only about 20 couples could reserve dinner and I was able to snag the last reservation for my then boyfriend (now he’s my husband.) We had a garden salad to start off with, followed by our choice of prime rib or salmon (I had salmon, Matt had prime rib) with sides and a dinner roll ( the mashed potatoes and roll were topped with heart shaped butter) then followed by a large slice of red velvet cake, yumm! There was also sparkling wine to drink out of glasses with red sugar coated rims. The setting was so romantic and historic/country side feeling. After that dinner I realized my love of red velvet cake which then was what prompted us to make our wedding cake red velvet :) The night out was my gift to him, he was pretty touched when I refused to let him pay 😉

  • My Creative Fling

    This may sound non-romantic to some, but the most romantic meals I’ve had are the ones like tonight’s meal. I had an exhausting day and when I got home, my partner, who usually does the cleaning to my cooking, had a simple olive, red pepper, spinach, baby tomato, and garlic pasta dish waiting for me. The romance comes from the caring act of someone looking out for me — being the one to make supper because he knew I was just too tired today. Love.

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    My partner and I recently celebrated our six months of knowing each other, so one night he had taken it upon himself to be cooking while I was at school. When I came home after an emotionally exhausting day of papers, cramming and tests, the lights were off, as usual. I reached for the light switch only to find the lights slowly rising, showcasing an incredible dinner table. It was decorated with wine bottle vases full of fresh flowers, flat marbles sprinkled at the bases of four tapered candles, and it was beautiful The chairs were decorated with winding ribbons around the slatted back and legs and slight cushions on the seats. Plated on the table were our first meal that we shared when we first met–moose-meat burgers on kaiser rolls with sweet potato fries and cole slaw. He then stepped out from behind me and held me close and just stood there silently. We stood there for a moment before he took my coat and backpack, dropping it to the couch and then pulled out my chair and tucked me in. I couldn’t believe my luck at finding my amazing friend and lover and said a very thankful grace as he poured sweet ice tea into tall glasses and sat across fromme. It was all so magical!

  • Bodi

    A meal at Slightly North of Broad in Charleston. The toddler was with his grandparents, we had a hotel room waiting for us, our waiter was funny and a budding sommelier who kept bringing us tastes of wine. The food was Low Country magical – shrimp and grits, wonderful local fish, and more wine.

  • Erinhudd

    My most romantic meal was breakfast at the B&B where we spent our honeymoon. Stuffed crepes, eggs, bacon, juice. It was amazing!

  • Diane1082

    Per his request I made dinner for the then BF: a saute of chicken supremes, button mushrooms and artichoke hearts resulted in our engagement!

  • Rachael Kerster Hodyno

    I can’t quite imagine a more romantic meal than roast chicken. The ingredients are basic, sensuous: salt & pepper, rosemary sprigs… maybe a little Iemon. A bed of whatever aromatics I have on hand, no stress. I slather the bird with real butter that roasts up shiny and crisp. My husband and I chat through the preparation, no distracting recipe to follow. The oven gradually heats the room, an intoxicating~nearly overwhelming! aroma of rosemary fills the apartment. The chicken comes out looking and smelling beautiful, the meat juicy and flavorful. I serve it on a bed of fresh baby spinach sprinkled with lemon juice. Even eating the chicken is romantic, switching off between hands and fork, focused on how the meal tickles our senses and enjoying it together.
    This is a dish I just don’t prepare enough. And at the risk of ruining this romantic mood I will tell you that as a stay-at-home mom, one of the most romantic things about this meal is… easy cleanup! ;-D

  • Rachael Kerster Hodyno

    sorry for the double post. glitchy connection

  • Lauren H.

    The most romantic dinner I had was on my 2 year dating anniversary with my boyfriend at a restaurant called Spring in Chicago. My boyfriend had told them we would be coming in for our anniversary, so they personalized the menus for us and brought us complimentary chocolate souffle for dessert! My boyfriend had been acting somewhat cautious that evening, so I was beginning to wonder what he was up to, but the fantastic barramundi, grouper and polenta put both of us at ease. During dessert, he pulled out a box and put it in front of me…and it turned out to be the most beautiful set of pearl earrings (my birthstone). The dinner and gestures were so genuine that it couldn’t have been more romantic and I was on cloud 9. As if that wasn’t enough, he pulled out another box later that evening and proposed! We’ve been married nearly 2 years and still talk about the amazing dinner at Spring that led to him popping the question :-)

  • Chrissy

    Eggs, sausage and toast. I loved that he just threw those together to make us dinner.

  • Kaoru

    I’m a subscriber and fan on Facebook! My most romantic meal was two dates in with my now ex – I have to be honest the food wasn’t great, but he asked me to be his girlfriend in the middle of it :o)

  • Stephanie M.

    The most romantic meal I ever ate was my wedding meal, part 2. Our venue boxed up a complete entree from the wedding, slices of our wedding cake, and chocolate covered strawberries for us to enjoy on our wedding night. We sat on the couch in our hotel room, fancy wedding attire finally removed, and enjoyed our wedding meal all over again.

  • Bethany Anne

    The most romantic dinner….hmmm….probably during a winter storm, all snowed in, and my boyfriend made me every cowboy’s favorite meal. Rib-eye steaks, baked potatoes(in the oven even!) and green beans(okay maybe that’s not their favorite part….but they were still delish!)

  • Aimee

    I honestly can’t think of one that was really romantic. Although there was this one time that I was at a Mexican restaurant and my date pretended to like my mole even though I knew he didn’t like it one bit. That was pretty sweet :)

  • Laura

    The most romantic meal I’ve ever eaten was on my birthday. My boyfriend made me steaks and roasted asparagus and it was absolutely delicious! He rarely cooks for us, but when he does, he tries to go all out and makes something special. :)

  • Joanna

    I would say any first date I’ve ever been on has been incredibly romantic because you never know what one good date is about to turn in to!

  • Boothk

    don’t laugh (too loudly) but the most romantic dinner was Hamburger Helper, canned corn and white bread. It was the first dinner that my now husband made for me and my 4 yr old son. He obviously wasn’t a cook, and not much has changed in that department, however his tastes have changed dramatically in the 20 years we’ve been married.

  • Amy Lynn Barrett

    Newsletter subscriber :)

  • Amy Lynn Barrett

    FB subscriber, too! :)

  • BreBeauty

    Most romantic meal had to have been cooking dinner for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. I made Ina’s famous {engagement-but no engagement!} roast chicken, sour cream mashed potatoes, and apple crisp for dessert. It was romantic because my boyfriend couldn’t stop gushing over the meal, and I always enjoy spending time with him over good food.

  • Melisser333

    My boyfriend proposed to me over a beautiful wine country picnic last week, so I’m going to have to go with that. The weather was perfect, the food delicious, the ring is gorgeous, and I was completely surprised.

  • Amy Lynn Barrett

    The most romantic meal I’ve ever had was an anniversary dinner my husband took me out for in a restaurant located inside a Marriott Hotel. I had sourdough rolls, Caesar salad, clams with linguine, and creme brulee for dessert. It was so good I think we are going back for Valentine’s Day. :)

  • Anonymous

    I am so bummed I can’t come! (and don’t enter me in this giveaway with this comment), it is going to be so much fun!

  • Amy

    I’m a facebook fan and an email subscriber. The most romantic meal I’ve ever eaten was a sushi date early in my (now 3 year) relationship. It was the first time I’d seen him without his glasses on. I think I blushed every time I looked at him because his eyes were so clear and pretty and blue. The sushi was from Samurai Sushi in Nashville, and it was fabulous — particularly the Choo Choo roll (salmon, crab, eel, cream cheese, avocado, nut, with a slice strawberry on top). Heaven.

  • Shannon

    Cioppino. It was the first meal my then boyfriend made for me.

  • Alice

    Indian food eaten in a conference room at my boyfriend’s office! The room had an amazing view of the city, and we snuck up to eat dinner on Valentine’s Day. I did spill red wine on the carpet…

  • Schmidty

    I am an email subscriber and a fan of your facebook page. The most romantic dinner I can remember was at a restaurant on the fog shrouded banks of a lazy bayou in south Louisiana. The food and the company were both divine, and we sipped drinks under the hundred year old oaks draped in moss. It was magical.

  • Mirakol S.

    hmmm…most romantic meal I’ve eaten…some friends and I gathered, about 5 of us. 2 girls, 3 guys and the men cooked. I was afraid at first, but it turned out awesomely! Baked salmon with a mixed green salad and pasta in a butter sauce and a glass of Moscato. Very simple, but sooo delicioso! Made my heart leap :) Albeit, the night wasn’t necessarily a romantic night…just friends hanging out, but the meal was indeed romantic :)

  • Thefriendlyfoodiegirl

    I wish I could be there for the launch party =( That’s so awesome, I hope you all have a GREAT time!

    I don’t know if it can qualify as a romantic meal if the person isn’t your date (???), but I’ve liked this guy for 5 years, and over the course of our friendship we have had quite a few meals together. Everyone of them has been so special to me, and I especially enjoyed the ones where I was the one who cooked the meal. I look back on those times now and cherish them so much, because now he is engaged to be married (in June) to a girl he met this past summer..and it sucks, I will miss the times we spent together.

  • James Ashwin

    It had been a stressful couple of weeks leading up to the weekend marking 10 years of my girlfriend and I getting together, but by the time it arrived I’d done all my homework and got everything perfectly organised.

    Sadly, however, perfect planning is nothing without perfect execution. I will concede that crashing the car en-route to lunch would classify as less than perfect would waiting 4 hours at the roadside for the car to be recovered, missing lunch, missing the first 20 minutes of the show I’d got tickets to, having a near-death experience on the tube and, of course, having to get a lift to the restaurant/hotel from family.

    Thankfully, good food, wine and company can help you forget even the most trying day – and as we shared a delicious meal and happy conversation, the troubles of the world drifted away. We ate pork crackling toast, chateaubriand and knickerbockerglory. We drank merlot and strolled on the terrace between courses. It really was quite idyllic. We then capped the evening off with a midnight toast and a (successful) proposal back in our room…

    I think it was so romantic because it was a microcosm of our whole relationship – moments of brilliance interspersed with the occasional blunder…If everything had gone *perfectly* to plan, it just wouldn’t have been “us”.

    Anyway, don’t think I’m an email subscriber, but thought I’d share anyway :)

  • Frankie

    My then-boyfriend blew his savings on taking me to a romantic dinner at a fancy French restaurant in San Francisco. We shared 2 bottles of wine. Dessert was wonderful crepes suzettes. The evening turned less than romantic when I picked up the plate and licked it.

  • cc

    five guys cheeseburgers on a rough sunday morning. i love knowing that he still likes spending time with me when i’m wearing sweats and makeup from the night before and have ketchup on my face.

  • guest

    Not crazy different but my most romantic meal was probably when my boyfriend and i got some wine and bread and cheese etc and drove out into the country and pulled over and had an amazing picnic all afternoon on someone we didn’t know’s farm. Just a really memorable afternoon before I left town for a long time

  • Bethom

    I met Thom 9/14/1980 on a blind date. Both of us had just ended long relationships and really had no intention of diving in deep but it was love at first sight. We made each other laugh and we are still laughing 30 years later. A couple of weeks into our relationship, I invited him over to my place for a home cooked dinner. It was a dark and stormy night and I roasted a chicken with potatoes and gravy and the house smelled divine. It was cold outside so the windows in the dining room were frosty and glowed in the candle light. I can still see that glow today and it was magical. Dinner was perfect . . . and so of course he stayed for breakfast!

  • dfrieson

    The most romantic meal I ever ate was the first meal my boyfriend ever made for me. It’s when I learned he can cook and I didn’t have to struggle to become Julia Child. He made steak with a homemade sauce I still don’t know how he makes; sauteed mushrooms, salad and asparagus. It was delicious and 4 years and 40 pounds later I am still loving it.

  • Margaret

    barbeque chicken thighs, potato salad, a juicy cheese burger, macaroni salad with pigeon peas, a good smothering of ketchup, mayonnaise and naomi’s hot sauce. drink of choice: rum punch. add rain and a long walk to the beach over a rocky ridge that’s a good match for a mountain goat, remove one layer of wet clothing to dry by the fire, and be forced to feed each other while juggling food, drink and laughter under limited shelter. and thanks to all the wonderful meals that we have shared since that first fateful date…

  • Becca Cramer

    Pizza in a little town while skiing in Vermont. Nothing over the top, but a good meal in a cozy spot on a weekend getaway my long distance boyfriend (at the time) was pretty perfect.

  • JY&MC

    Every meal with my husband is a romantic meal because we cook together, sometimes spending over 2 hours to make something just to eat! We love trying new recipes and going to different cooking classes– what is more romantic than that?

  • Louisa

    Spaghetti on the front steps of my house. He drove from Houston, TX to surprise me on what turned out to be a night I was hosting friends for dinner. After helping me cook a wonderful dish and serving everyone, we ate outside the front door. To be with him that night was, well, perfect. It was the most romantic thirty minute meal I’ve ever had.

  • April

    Oh dear goodness. How sweet is that creuset? I’ve always wanted one. Such a staple to any good kitchen, right?

  • Mary

    Romantic meals are long meals. Most romantic meal = a day long paseo in Barcelona – skipping all over town from place to place; from one pintxo to the next over long, easy conversation. Fun, delicious, sweet, perfect.

  • dani

    Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, while stuck inside (thanks to an unexpected blizzard) on our second date.

  • Cecileop

    A birthday dinner at Chandler’s Restaurant in Deerfield, Mass. with my husband and three kids. This restaurant is at the Yankee Candle factory store and is lit entirely by candles. The food was delicious and it was a little adventure to try something new on my special day.

  • CM

    Thai food!

  • Dana

    The most romantic meal I ever had was a surprise one. My husband and I were making homemade pizza — and he got into the process…. he became my soux chef, slicing and dicing. We laughed, we played and we made a yummy pizza by ourselves. It was probably the most relaxed meal I have ever prepared — and it was a totally collaborative effort… and in the end, as we fed each other gooey slices of pizza, we kissed and cuddled.

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