At-Home Takeout

We quarter-life cooks are just as susceptible to ordering food that arrives on our doorstep in twenty minutes as the rest of you city dwellers. But after a few days of eating our way through the same massive container of chicken and broccoli, we become a bit starved for our own cooking. Perhaps it’s the convenience of certain ethnic dishes or the fact that we usually eat in our pajamas in front of the TV that make us see these meals as casual affairs. But that doesn’t mean classic takeout dishes are any less classy for company. Rather, there is something even more impressive about tackling take out at home. Below is a great Indian menu to treat your friends to. What it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in healthfulness (meaning, it’s your hand pouring the oil). If you are cooking just for one or two, the chana bateta alone makes for a great weeknight meal.

Carrot-Raisin Raita

Free-Form Samosas

Chana Bateta

Basmati Rice

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