Giveaway: HAAN Small Kitchen Steam Cleaner

Up for grabs this week: the HAAN Handheld Deluxe Personal Sanitizing Steam Cleaner

We don’t usually get this excited about cleaning products. But this multi-purpose steam cleaner courtesy of HAAN is truly a revelation. So really, get excited people.

We happened upon the HAAN booth at the Total Home Event last week, and stayed for far too long watching a demonstration of the many uses for this little handheld device. It’s perfect for small kitchens, and allows you to avoid bleaching the heck out of your stovetop. Perhaps more to the point, it’s so easy to use it will make you want to clean your stovetop, instead of leaving crumbs and spills to fester. Because it cleans with steam, it means we don’t have to bring powerful cleaning chemicals into the house. We figure this will make it appeal to moms and pet-moms as well–you can clean toys that might just end up in a child’s or dog’s mouth–not just us regular, run-of-the-mill slobs.

To win this snazzy little item, we’re going to try something different. Instead of asking you to leave a comment about the biggest mess you ever made in the kitchen, which we were tempted to do, the winner will be chosen randomly from our list of newsletter subscribers and announced via email this Friday. To enter, subscribe here. (If you’re already a subscriber, you’ll be entered by default!)

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See how happy YOU could be with a HAAN Steam Cleaner?

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  • Frankie

    Where do, say, the crumbs and grease go once the surface has been steam cleaned? You wipe them off?

    • BGSK

      Frankie, the cleaner comes with a shammy that you can use to wipe up the excess grime. Or just use a paper towel!

  • Jillian Baron

    Even though you didn’t ask for my biggest mess I will share it anyway. In my early cooking days I decided to roast peppers in my parents’ oven. Not really knowing what I was doing I continuously poured olive oil on them every few minutes while the over was at 450. Each time I opened the door more and more smoke would pour out. Eventually every smoke alarm in the house went off and 3 fire trucks showed up, and I was forced to explain to all 9 firemen that I was just trying to roast peppers.

    • BGSK

      hahahahah how have I never heard this story?

      love, P

  • sandy
  • Brandy

    Hmm… biggest mess would probably be dropping an entire bag of rice ALL over the entire kitchen. It’s not the most “messy”, but hardest to clean up all the itty bitty grains!

    • BGSK

      ah! I believe a similar mess was the straw (or grain) that broke the camel’s back for Cara’s vacuum.

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    Remove the dirt and grease by using the small steam cleaner. Take a mild wet cloth or towel and wipe the equipment inside out to make sure that each part i

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  • Søgemaskineoptimering

    We don’t usually get this excited about cleaning products. But this multi-purpose steam cleaner courtesy of HAAN is truly a revelation. So really …

  • josephine

    I’m trying to find information on the price and other details as I like what I see so far about the HAAn Steam Cleaner. Can someone please help?

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