Giveaway: Wine Rack Winner!

Thanks to everyone for participating in our wine rack giveaway. We were fascinated by the responses and especially comforted to know we’re not the only ones who a) buy inexpensive wine and b) glory in the extra wine that remains the day after a dinner party.

We chose a winner randomly from the list of commenters. Congrats to reader kylewright! .
Here’s what Kyle had to say about wine, complete with great tips and excellent-sounding recommendations we can’t wait to try:
One of the best things (sometimes) about dinner parties is that you end up with at least 5-6 extra bottles of wine. Unless they all end up being Beaujolais Nouveau, it’s always a fun time to have the variety. I never have to tell people not to bring…and most people bring 1-2 (maybe I have pseudo-alcoholic friends?)

I love to bring white wine (for the spill effect) and usually bring either a Riesling: Blue Nun ($10) or Relax ($8) (same exact region of Germany, VERY similar taste) or Sauvignon Blanc: Barefoot ($8 – for just drinking parties), Kono ($10 for pretty decent dinner parties), or Lobster Bay ($16 – if I want something good).

What’s also fun to bring is a local wine. I really enjoy Warwick Vineyards in New York (…the Riesling is delicious. It’s got apple overtones (Warwick also has really nice apple orchards) and is unusual and a fun conversation piece.

Thanks again for all your brilliant words on wine. We knew we could count on you to illuminate quarter-life dinner party drinking habits. We’ll have more questions, and more exciting kitchen toys to give away, soon–stay tuned. In the meantime, tell us about your cooking opinions on our urtak widget.
From our kitchen, learning more about wine (and our readers) every day, to yours,

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